Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)

About Us

Who are we?

CNS's are registered nurses who are recognised clinical experts within their specialty and are based throughout CDHB campuses.

Why would you contact a CNS?:

  • For specialist nursing assessment and interventions

  • For specialist nursing advice

  • To promote continuity of care and seamless patient journey

  • Support and education of patients and colleagues

Clinical Nurse Specialists:

  • Address issues that affect clinical nursing practice and health care

  • Utilise best practice to positively affect patient outcomes in a timely manner

  • Improve the health and well being of people in Canterbury

  • Positively impact on organisational goals and targets​​


Breast Cancer Nurse Specialist

A BCN specialist applies advanced knowledge to women with breast cancer at various phases across the continuum of care


Child Health

Provides care/support & ongoing education for children with complex medical conditions who have been in contact with Paediatric...


Gynaecological Oncology

Facilitates coordinated gynaecological oncology care within and across services, provides education/support at diagnosis and...


Heart Failure Service

Heart failure care for new and existing patients who are at risk of admission, nurse-led Heart Function clinics, clinical...


Infection Prevention & Control

The Infection Prevention and Control Service is a patient focused service and a key resource providing expert guidance and...



Promoting and facilitating the development neonatal clinical practice, Co-ordinating and providing speciality feeding...



As Clinical Nurse specialists we work in collaboration with the nephrologists and nursing staff. We provide education, support...


Older Person's Health - Community

Improving the health outcomes for an older patient population in the community, delivering and promoting excellence in...


Older Person's Health - Gerontology Nurse Specialists (supporting aged residential care)

Improving care co-ordination for the elderly living in aged residential care, promoting early intervention and prevention for...



Guides and supports members of the nursing and multidisciplinary teams , coordinates and provides Oncology specialty...



The Respiratory Service employs a number of CNS's in a variety of roles.



Work with patients with rheumatologic conditions and Common Variable Immune Deficiency, provide education and support for both...



The Sleep Service are responsible for the management and co-ordination of care for adults with sleep disorders in Canterbury,...


Spinal Rehabilitation & Sexuality Rehabilitation

Provides clinical expertise and consultancy in the interdisciplinary management of spinal cord injury (SCI), facilitates and...



Runs nurse-led clinics reviewing, supporting and educating patients with a variety of urological problems


Senior Clinical Nurses Group Meetings

The senior clinical nurses group includes Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Practitioners, & Clinical Nurse Consultants

Clinical Nurse Specialists​​
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