Clinic Visits

Outpatient clinics are held on Thursday afternoons in the Hagley outpatient building indicated as "New Outpatients" below. outpatients.jpg

Outpatients living in Canterbury

If you live in the Canterbury area, we will try to see you every 3 months.  Frequency of your appointments will depend on how your health is.

Your Cystic Fibrosis clinic appointment is multidisciplinary – this means you won’t just see a Doctor, but also the Cystic Fibrosis nurse specialist, dietitian, and physiotherapist.

Sometimes there may also be medical or nursing students at the clinic too.

You will also be asked to do a breathing test before each clinic appointment. 

Breathing tests are done in the Respiratory Laboratory on the 4th floor of the Riverside building (see map below).Resp lab location.jpg

Your annual review

Once a year, an annual review appointment will be scheduled in place of a regular clinic appointment. This is your yearly “warrant of fitness,” and will take longer than a routine clinic appointment. You will get an annual review pack in the mail when your review is due which will have extra information in it regarding this appointment.

If you live outside of Canterbury

Your Cystic Fibrosis care will be shared between our service and a local doctor/hospital. We may be able to arrange to see you via a video link, but we also like to see you in person in Christchurch at least once a year.

If you live more than 300km away, funding for you and a support person to travel to Christchurch is paid for by the Ministry of Health.

You need to contact your local hospital to have this arranged. We will try to get your clinic appointment letter out to you at least 4 weeks in advance so you can book flights/arrange your transportation for your clinic visit.

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