​The Christchurch Intensive Care Department is a large team consisting of over 120 Nursing staff, 19 Registrars and10 Specialists.  We also have a number of support staff within the department.

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The ratio for Intensive care patients is 1:1 and high dependency patients is 1:2.  The nursing staff provide cover on 12 hour shifts, 24/7.



We have 19 Registrars that generally fall into two levels.  "Advanced Trainee and Basic Trainee Registrars".  We have 6-12 month runs, with two intakes; being 2nd week in December and the 2nd week in June.




We currently have 6 Technologists for ICU / CICU.  They have a wide range of duties which include maintaining equipment, helping with patient transfers and procedures.  They are also responsible for the Burwood Spinal & Home Ventilation Service



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