Research and CLAB

Research and CLAB

The Christchurch Intensive Care Department participates in many kinds of biomedical research including:

  • Observational, non interventional (Audits)

  • Interventional Studies

  • Case Studies

  • Randomised Controlled Trials (RCT), of new therapies, including international multicentre RCT's.

  • Investigator led studies, eg, Blood Sugar, Sedative, Cardiovascular and Acute Lung Injury.

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Current Trials

  • EPO-TBI : Erythropoietin in Traumatic Brain Injury

  • ADRENAL: Steroids in Adult ICU Patients with Severe Sepsis

  • DAHLIA: Dexmeditomidine to Lessen ICU Agitation

  • HEAT: Permissive Hyperthermia through Avoidance of Paracetamol in Sepsis

  • TRANSFUSE: Comparing Standard Issue Blood with Freshest Available

  • ARISE: Australasian Resuscitation in Sepsis Evaluation , Randomised Controlled Trial

  • BLING2: Continuous vs. Intermittent Beta-Lactam Dosing in Critically Ill Patients

  • PHARLAP: Permissive Hypercapnia, Alveolar Recruitment & Limited Airway Pressures in Ventilated Patients with ARDS.

  • CTG Point Prevalence Study

    Past / Upcoming Trials last 12 months:

  • TEAM: Early Activity & Mobility in Ventilated ICU Patients

  • CLARITY: Temperature Regulation in Intensive Care Patients with TBT & Stroke in Australasia.

  • CHEST:  Crystalloid versus Hydroxyethyl Start Trial

  • Fluid loading after cardiac surgery

  • ZORO: Intravenous Zanamivir versus Oral Oseltamivir in Adults with Influenza


    Investigator Led Studies; Dr Geoffrey Shaw

  • Model-based cardiovascular monitoring in critical care for improved diagnosis of circulatory dysfunction URA/12/EXP/023 (no expiry date)

  • Acoustic sensing of 'crackles' within the chest of patients undergoing mechanical ventilation URB/12/EXP/035 (no expiry date)

  • Optimising Mechanical Ventilation in the ICU URA/12/EXP/022 (expired 28 February 2013).

  • Investigation of the reliability of continuous glucose monitoring in critically ill patients. URA/12/02/004  (expires 30 June 2013, progress report due 31 May 2013)

  • Investigation of the behaviour of subcutaneously delivered insulin in critically ill patients URA/12/06/018 (Expires 31 January 2014, progress report due 30 June 2013)

  • Fluid loading in Acute Kidney Injury  (FLAKI study; Azrina Md Ralib PhD candidate, Zoltan Endre and John Pickering PI Co-PI)

  • Early Detection of Acute Kidney Injury  (EDAKI Study, Azrina Md Ralib PhD candidate, Zoltan Endre and John Pickering PI Co-PI)

  • The effect of titrated Fentanyl on swallowing respiratory coordination and cough response in healthy participants (12/NTB/39)

CLAB (Central Line Associated Bacteraemia)

This is a national collaborative project that aims to reduce the rates of CLAB in NZ ICU's to ZERO by 2013.

The collaborative is focused on reducing CLAB rates in ICU's around the country. All DHB's from around New Zealand are working together to:

  1. Reduce the rate of CLAB in ICU's towards zero (1 per 1000 line days)

  2. Support local implementation of best practices

  3. Establish a robust measurement approach to CLAB

  4. Christchurch ICU have set up a data base for the collection, analysis and sharing of information.

  • For information regarding the CLAB project, please contact: Dr David Knight


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