Intensive Care

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Admitting Patients

  • We admit approximately 1200 - 1250 patients per year (including approx 320 Cardiac surgical and 50 Paediatric patients)

  • Of the remaining patients, 90% are emergency admissions and approx 70 - 80% of patients are ventilated.  



  • Air Retrieval

  • Burwood Spinal Unit and Home Ventilation Services

  • Outreach Service


A Guide for Patients and Relatives

If you have family or a friend in Intensive Care, please see our information booklet. ICUbrochure.pdf  

For information about Christchurch City please go to this link:


Our Location 

Where is the Department of Intensive Care inside the Hospital?

The Department of Intensive Care is located on the first floor of the Parkside East Block of Christchurch Hospital. We are located in close proximity to Operating Theatres and the Emergency Department. View Christhcurch Hospital Map (PDF)

Intensive Care has two separate clinical areas; the ICU North pod and ICU South pod.  They are located on the same floor with a connecting corridor, and staff rotate seamlessly through both areas.

Contact Us

Postal Address:

Department of Intensive Care
Christchurch Hospital
Private Bag 4710
Telephone:  64 (03) 364-0640
Fax:  64 (03) 364-0099



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