Gated Heart Study



  • Assessment of volume, wall motion, and function of LV.


  • The patient's red blood cells are labelled with a radiotracer. Imaging of the heart is synchronised with the patient's ECG, allowing assessment of wall motion and cardiac function.

Preparation and Procedure:

  • No preparation required.

  • The camera is centred over the cardiac blood pool. Scan time is approximately 30 minutes, the entire procedure takes approximately 1 hour.


  • Gated heart imaging is a well-established, relatively inexpensive and accurate method for evaluating cardiac size, wall motion and function.

  • The test should not be used for detecting intra-atrial or intra-ventricular masses such as clots or tumours, direct evaluation of valve motion, or estimating myocardial thickness. Cardiac Echo Studies are the procedure of choice for assessing these parameters.

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Page last reviewed: 16 January 2015