Renal DMSA Scan

About Renal Scans ..

DMSA has a high affinity for proximal tubules and produces superb images of the renal cortex. Renal scanning can readily detect the number, size and position of any functioning kidney. The study is very sensitive in detecting any renal cortical abnormality and exceeds that of an IVU or ultrasound. It is considered the gold standard for screening for cortical scars.



  • Determination of number, size and position of kidneys and quantitative assessment of relative function of each kidney.

  • Assess known reflux.

  • Assessment of children with recurrent UTIs. Scan at least 4 months after last UTI unless on prophylaxis.  

  • Evaluation of renal pseudotumours.


  • Scanning begins about two hours after IV injection of 99mTc-DMSA and takes about 20 minutes.

  • A longer time between administration and scanning will be necessary if renal failure is present. 

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Page last reviewed: 23 March 2015