Infection Imaging

​​​About Infection Imaging ..

The radiopharmaceutical 99mTc-Scintimun' used for Infection Imaging, contains an antibody which targets granulocytes (a type of white blood cell involved in  inflammation and fighting infection). 

SPECT/CT is of value in distinguishing physiological uptake of labelled white blood cells from infectious processes and defining the precise anatomical location of infection. The major limitations of white cell scanning are poor sensitivity for chronic inflammations and/or abscesses, and localisation of WBCs in sterile necrotic tissue.

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  • Detection and localisation of acute inflammation/infection eg. vascular graft infection, FUO (fever of unknown origin).

  • Use in conjunction with other appropriate imaging modalities for determining the location of inflammation/infection in peripheral bone and in adults with suspected osteomyelitis. 

  • Evaluation of suspected prosthetic joint infections


  • The procedure is contraindicated if the patient has a known allergy to mouse antibodies.

  • Medications reducing inflammation; corticosteroids and antibiotics may affect the scan results.

  • If evaluating prosthetic joints, a bone scan is usually performed first.


  • After IV injection of 99mTc-Scintimun, patients need to have a good fluid load between injection and scanning (5 glasses of fluid).

  • Scanning is performed at 4 - 5 hours and 24 hours. This takes 45 - 60 minutes.​


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