Inpatient Rehabilitation

Recovery and rehabilitation from an spinal cord impairment (SCI) can take a long time.  Patients are often in the unit for up to six months (depending on the level and type of injury). The rehabilitation team are there to provide assistance, advice, encouragement and expertise but the patient remains the most important member of the team.  Successful rehabilitation depends on the patient committing to their rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation following a spinal impairment is carried out by an inter-disciplinary team together with the patient and their family/whanau.  The interdisciplinary team includes doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologist, health care assistants, surgeons, dieticians, speech language therapist, Maori health workers and vocational rehabilitation consultants. 

Rehabilitation programmes are designed around your specific needs and personal goals. Programmes will include many hours of physical training, learning how to manage your personal care needs, and education about the impact of SCI. This programme will give you the tools needed to gain independence and support self-determination. 

Toward the end of the rehabilitation period, some patients may benefit from participating in the Transitional Rehabilitation Programme

Inpatient Rehabilitation
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Page last reviewed: 05 June 2015