Physiotherapy is an integral part of the rehabilitation process. Working in partnership with the multidisciplinary team members, the patient and their family to achieve the goals of maximising independence, mobility and fitness. Physiotherapist will work with patients on the Burwood Spinal Unit from the day they arrive and provides input at all stages of someone's rehabilitation journey.

Physiotherapy Techniques

Physiotherapy may include the following:

  • Respiratory techniques and interventions

  • Functional activity retraining e.g.

    • Bed mobility

    • Sitting up

    • Transferring from a bed to a wheelchair

  • Balance retraining

  • Gait re-education

  • Bodyweight support treadmill training

  • Passive movements and stretching

  • Strengthening exercises

  • Electrical stimulation of muscles

  • Functional electrical stimulated cyclingPhysiotherapy Techniques

  • Functional electrical stimulation to assist gait

  • Wheelchair skills

  • Cardiovascular and fitness training

  • Manual therapy techniques

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Liaison with orthotists regarding provision of orthoses to assist function and gait

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Page last reviewed: 05 June 2015