​The Burwood Spinal Unit provides reassessment for people with spinal cord impairment.

There are three types of reassessment: Advanced, Basic and Remote


Advanced ReassessmentAdvanced Reassessment

Many patients will be booked for an advanced reassessment.  It usually takes place approximately 6 months following discharge and is undertaken over 3 days. This is typically the first reassessment for an individual following their discharge from their inpatient rehabilitation at the BSU.  The time period between discharge and reassessment allows the patient enough time in the community to identify any issues following discharge.

The individual may stay:

  • In the ward.

  • In the onsite self-care units.

  • If local, may come in as a day patient each day.

Advanced reassessment admissions usually occur on a Sunday.  A nurse who is part of the reassessment team will undertake an initial assessment and find out what issues need to be addressed by the rest of the team. 

The team meets with the patient on the Monday morning to address any issues identified by the nurse as well as any others that come to light during the discussion.  At this meeting there will be a nurse, doctor, physiotherapist and occupational therapist present.  Family members or support persons are also welcome to attend.  Over the next 2 days a series of appointments and tests may be scheduled.  These tests may include blood tests, X-rays and urology investigations.  In addition, further assessments with the physiotherapist, occupational therapist, psychologist and social worker may be undertaken.  The team meets again with the patient on the Wednesday morning to summarise findings and discuss recommendations or future planning needs before the patient goes home. In rare instances we may decide to extend the inpatient stay in order to complete some further investigations or assessments.

For those requiring specific investigations or trial of equipment, advance notice is required.

Basic ReassessmentBasic Reassessment

Basic reassessments generally occur approximately 12 months following the initial advanced reassessment and again thereafter at approximately 3 yearly intervals unless issues identified indicate more frequent reassessment is required.

Reassessment is undertaken either at the Burwood Spinal Unit or at another centre, depending on where the patient lives. (See list below).

A basic reassessment involves representatives from medical, nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.  Appointments are typically 45-60 minutes duration.  The team can travel to other regional centres where outpatient appointments can be accommodated. 

Basic reassessments occur at the following locations:

New Plymouth  ​Nelson  ​
Wanganui ​ Cromwell​
Palmerston North​Queenstown​
Masterton ​Dunedin​
Wellington  ​Invercargill​


Prior to the appointment, routine blood tests and renal investigations are undertaken. Details of the tests required and where to have them done are provided along with the booking letter. 

It is important that these tests are done sufficiently in advance so the results will be available for discussion during the appointment.


Remote Reassessment Remote Reassessment

A remote reassessment comprises of a health questionnaire that is sent approximately every 12 -18 months. The questionnaire is designed to address broad health issues as well as more specific concerns that commonly affect people with an SCI.

The questionnaire provides an opportunity for those with an SCI to raise concerns that may require more in depth assessment or attention.  All returned questionnaires are reviewed by a member of the reassessment team for appropriate action.  In some cases, the person may be brought forward for a Basic or Advanced​ assessment.


note-icon.jpgIt is important that the Burwood Spinal Unit has your up to date contact details. If you are moving house or changing phone numbers please notify the unit so that we can inform you about future appointments.


note-icon.jpgIf you, or someone you know, have not been seen by the reassessment team for over 3 years please contact the unit. Contact can be made personally or by your ACC support co-ordinator or GP.

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Page last reviewed: 05 June 2015