Transitional Rehab

Transitional Rehabilitation (TR) is a programme designed to bridge the gap between being in hospital and returning home. We focus on independence and autonomy and work with you towards the goals you want to achieve. Transitional Rehabilitation is part of the Burwood Spinal Unit but located in the adjacent spinal hostel.  Each participant has their own room. There is a shared kitchen, dining room and quiet room. We go out into the community to work on skills important for your return to your own community. Transitional Rehabilitation has a maximum of four participants and is usually the last four weeks of an acute inpatient stay.

What to expect

  • Rehabilitation in a home like environment, and in the community.

  • Learning sessions to increase knowledge about your spinal cord injury.

  • Independent living coaches who will share their skills and experiences.

  • Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and nursing staff to assist in meeting your rehabilitation goals.

  • Carer training for both family and paid carers, with support from the Transitional Rehabilitation team.

The TR Team

The Transitional Rehab Team consists of:

  • Nursing staff and health care assistants.

  • Occupational therapist and coordinator.

  • Physiotherapist.

  • Independent living coaches.

Independent Living Coaches are people with spinal cord injury who have experience living in the community.  There are two part time independent living coaches.

Burwood-Spinal-Unit-rehab-progamme-2-220px.jpgAlthough you will primarily work with the TR team, you will still have access to other members of the multi-disciplinary team as required i.e. medical, social work, urology, psychology etc.


Transitional Rehabilitation Programme
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