Gynaecology Services provides inpatient, day patient and outpatient treatment for women in the Canterbury region and tertiary services for the South Island.​ Gynaecology Services provides specialist care for:

  • Gynaecology Outpatient clinic

  • Colposcopy and Hysteroscopy clinic

  • Acute Gynaecological conditions (Gynaecology Assessment Unit)

  • Management of early pregnancy complications

  • Management of post-natal complications

  • Elective gynaecology surgery

  • Gynae Oncology (gynaecology cancer) management

  • Termination of pregnancy services including abortion

  • Gynaecology patient information

Gynaecology Outpatients

Clinics include:

  • General gynaecology

  • Fertility

  • Endocrine

  • Gynaecology Oncology


Ground floor, Christchurch Women's Hospital

Telephone: (03) 364 4440

Referral from GP required

Colposcopy Clinic

  • Management of abnormal smear results

  • LLETZ treatments are done under local or general anaesthetic

  • Referral from GP or smear taker required.

  • 1-2 half day clinics are held per week, Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm


2nd floor, Christchurch Women's Hospital


Telephone: (03) 364 4466

Useful Links 

National Cervical Screening Programme

Cervical smear results- what women need to know

Cervical smear tests: what women need to know

Colposcopy: information for women who have abnormal smear results

Prevention of cervical cancer


Hysteroscopy Clinic 

Hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows your doctor to look inside your uterus in order to diagnose and treat causes of abnormal bleeding.


2nd floor, Christchurch Women's Hospital

Telephone: (03) 364 4466

Referral from GP required.

1-2 half day clinics are held per week, Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm


Gynaecology​​ Assessment Unit

Inpatient and outpatient management of acute gynaecological conditions

Early pregnancy assessment clinic


2nd Floor, Christchurch Women's Hospital

Telephone: (03) 364 4805

Admission by referral from GP, lead maternity carer (LMC), after hours service or Emergency Department


7.30am - 10.00pm

Seven days a week


Gynaecology O​​​​​​ncology

Please see the following link for information regarding Gynaecology Oncology ​

Gynaecology Assessment Unit

The Gynaecology Assessment Unit (GAU) provides 24 hour assessment for acute gynaecological problems including early pregnancy...


Christchurch Women's Hospital Colposcopy Department provides colposcopy assessment, treatment of abnormal cervical cells and...

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