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Christchurch Hospital

Riccarton Avenue


Postal Address:

Christchurch Hospital

Private Bag 4710

Christchurch 8140


03 364 0640
03 364 0600

Visiting Hours

Christchurch Hospital

11am - 1pm daily

3pm - 8pm daily

Parents can visit children's wards at any time

Parking & Public Transport

Car Parking

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​There are no car parking spaces available to the general public at Christchurch Hospital and Christchurch Women's Hospital. Only mobility permit holder parking bays remain on site at Christchurch Hospital. For more information about parking near the hospital, see our patients and visitors car parking page.

Mobility Parking
There are extra mobility parks in front of the main entrance of the hospital for mobility permit holders, you can also use the shuttle service, or have a support person drop you off at the hospital main entrance.

Car Parking near the hospital

Lichfield Street Car Park build​ing with a free shuttle service to the hospitalSee our patients and visitors car parking page for more information.

Free and metered parking on Riccarton Avenue. 5min walk to Hospital​.
Free and metered parking on Hagley Avenue.
5min walk to Hospital​.
Metered (some all day) on St Asaph Street, Tuam Street, Oxford Terrace. 5min walk to Hospital​.
Free (all day) parking on Deans Avenue.
10-15min walk to Hospital.


Transport Options

Notices for Patients and Visitors

Christchurch Hospital shuttle service has moved to Lichfield Street Car Park building from Monday 2 July 2018

Please visit our patients and visitors car parking page for further information

​Plan your trip
See our patients and visitors car parking page for more information. Please plan extra time in your journey to allow for car parking.

Shuttle service
A shuttle service now runs from Lichfield Street Car Park building ​to the hospital. See our patients and visitors car parking page for more information about parking options.

Pick up and drop off at hospital
A general patient and visitor pick up and drop off zone is at the Christchurch Hospital main entrance off Riccarton Avenue.

See the patients and visitors car parking for more information.

Taxi's are available outside Christchurch Hospital main entrance, off Riccarton Av​enue.

A taxi stand is also located on Oxford Terrace near the Christchurch Hospital Emergency Department.


Christchurch Hospital Services & Departments

Listed below is a directory of Christchurch Hospital departments, services and medical facilities, sorted alphabetically. Click on the service or  view our printable PDF hospital map for more information. For information about Christchurch Women's Hospital services see our Christchurch Women's Hospital page.​




Anaesthesia​Lower Ground Floor, Parkside East03 364 0288​
​Accounts Receivable ​Ground Floor, Parkside ​-
​Acute Medical Assessment Unit (AMAU)​Ground Floor, Parkside West​-
Audiology​​Floor 5, Riverside​-
​Blood Bank (NZBS)​Lower Ground Floor, Parkside East​-
​Blood Test Centre 

​Cnr Tuam & Hagley Ave, Opposite Christchurch Hospital

​0800 843 522
Bone Marrow Transplant Unit (BMTU) ​Lower Ground Floor, Riverside03 364 0660
​Cafe: Great Escape​​Level 1, Parkside West​-
​Cafe: Parkside Cafe​​Inside main entrance: Christchurch Hospital​-
​Canterbury Health Laboratories  (CHL)​Cnr Tuam & Hagley Av​e, Opposite Christchurch Hospital

​03 364 0300​​
​Catheter Laboratories (Cath Labs)​Floor 1, Parkside West​-
​Cardiology Day Unit (CDU)​Floor 1, Parkside West​-
Cardio-Respiratory Integrated Specialist Services (CRISS) Floor 5, Riverside03 364 0167 ​
​Central Pre-admission ClinicGround Floor, Parkside West​03 364 1195
​Chapel​Ground Floor, Parkside East​-
​Children’s Acute Admitting Emergency Dept Entrance​, Ground Floor, ​Parkside East​-
Children’s Acute Assessment Unit​ (CAA)Ground Floor, Riverside03 364 0428​
Children’s Haematology Oncology Centre (CHOC)Lower Ground Floor, Riverside03 364 0640​
​Childrens Outpatients / Childrens Day Ward​Lower Ground Floor, Riverside​-
Clinical Pharmacology ​Christchurch Hospital 03 364 1858 ​
​Clinical Skills Unit (CSU)​​Floor 5, Riverside​-
​Customer Services / Interpreter Service​Lower Ground Floor, Parkside West​-
Day of Surgery Admission (DOSA)​Floor 1, Parkside West03 364 4068​
​Day Surgery Unit (DSU)Floor 1​, Christchurch Women's Hospital​03 364 4034
Dental Service (Hospital)The Hospital Dental Service has moved to Hillmorton Hospital03 364 0250​
Dermatology            Christchurch Hospital 03 364 0488 ​
Diabetes Centre & Home DialysisFloor 1, Diabetes Centre, 550 Hagley Avenue03 364 0860 ​
​Dialysis / AcuteFloor 3, Parkside West​03 364 0423
Dialysis / Home​550 Hagley Avenue ​​03 364 0610
​Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Outpatients​Floor 5, Riverside ​03 364 0990​
ECG Department ​Main Foyer area, Ground Floor, Parkside East03 364 0910 ​
​Echocardiography Department (Echo)​Floor 2, Parkside West​-
Emergency Department (ED) ​Separate External Entrance​, Ground Floor, ​Parkside East03 364 0270 ​
​EndocrinologyFloor 2, Riverside03 364 0927​
​Familial Gastrointestinal Cancer Service​Floor 2, Riverside​​-
Gastroenterology​Floor 2, Riverside03 364 0920 ​
Gastroenterology Investigations Unit             ​Floor 2, Riverside03 364 1991 ​
General Medicine ​Floor 1, Riverside03 364 1020​
General Surgery ​Floor 2, Hagley Outpatients Department (OPD)03 364 1682​
​Gift Shop / Post Office​Ground Floor, Main Foyer, Parkside​-
​​Gynaecology Procedure Unit​​Floor 4, Riverside​03 378 6386
Haematology Outpatients ​Ground Floor, Canterbury Health Laboratories03 364 0384 ​
Haemostasis​Ground Floor, Canterbury Health Laboratories​03 364 0384 ​
Hagley Outpatients ReceptionChristchurch Hospital 03 364 0490
Hyperbaric Medicine UnitLower Ground Floor, Parkside West03 364 0045​
Immunology DepartmentCanterbury Health Laboratories​03 364 0950
Infectious Diseases Floor 5, Riverside03 364 0951 ​
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) North & SouthFloor 1, Parkside East03 364 1077 ​
Interpreter / Translator Service Lower Ground Floor, Parkside West​03 364 0669
​Lyndhurst - now known as the Gynaecology Procedure Unit ​Floor 4, Riverside​  ​03 378 6386
​Mail Room​Lower Ground Floor, Food Services​-
​Maintenance Department​​Lower Ground Floor, Parkside East​-
Medical Day Unit Ground Floor, Parkside West03 364 1180​
​Medical Illustration​Lower Ground Floor, Food Services​-
​Nutrition Services​​Floor 1, Food Services ​-
Medical Physics & Bioengineering ​Christchurch Hospital 03 364 0531 ​
​Musculoskeletal MedicineChristchurch Hospital​03 364 0430
Nephrology (Kidney)Floor 3, Parkside West03 364 0655 ​
Neurology, Neuroosurgery and NeurophysiologyFloor 3. Riverside​03 364 0940
Neurology Outpatients Floor 3, Riverside03 364 0940 ​
Neurosurgery Department Floor 3, Riverside03 364 1217 ​
Nuclear Medicine Floor 2, Riverside03 364 0890​
​Nursing Department​Lower Ground Floor, Parkside East ​-
Nutrition Service Christchurch Hospital 03 364 0630 ​
Occupational Therapy Department Lower Ground Floor, Clinical Services, Christchurch Hospital 03 364 0700 ​
Oncology (Medical) Lower Ground Floor,  Parkside West03 364 0020 ​
Oncology Outpatients ​Ground Floor, Parkside West03 364 0020​
Oncology (Radiation)Lower Ground Floor,  Parkside West03 364 0020​
​Operating Theatres​Floor 1, Parkside East​-
Ophthalmology Outpatients (Eye Outpatient Department)​524 Hagley Avenue, Christchurch03 364 1470 ​
Ophthalmology Surgery Christchurch Hospital 03 364 0975​
​Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryFloor 5, Riverside​03 364 1948
Oral Health Service (Dental)Note: Hospital Dental Service located at Hillmorton Hospital03 364 0250 ​
Orthopaedic Outpatients Department Ground Floor, Riverside, Christchurch Hospital 03 364 0800 ​
Orthopaedic Surgery Lower Ground Floor, Parkside West03 364 0430 ​
Otolaryngology (Head and Neck) Department​Floor 5, Riverside03 364 1060​
Otolaryngology Outpatients Department (ENT)Christchurch Hospital 03 364 0990 ​
Paediatric High Dependency Unit (PHDU)​Ground Floor, Riverside03 364 0640​
Paediatric Outpatients Department​Lower Ground Floor, Clinical Services03 364 0640​
Palliative Care​Christchurch Hospital​03 364 1473​
​Parkside Pharmacy​​Ground Floor, Parkside/ Main Foyer​-
​Patient Information Office​Ground Floor, Parkside/Main Foyer​-
​Patient Travel Office​Ground Floor, Parkside/Main Foyer​-
Pharmacy Ground Floor, Riverside03 364 0840 ​
Physiotherapy Department Floor 4, Riverside West03 364 0680 ​
Plastic Surgery DepartmentChristchurch Hospital 03 378 6336 ​
Plastic Surgery Outpatients Department Floor 3, Parkside East03 364 0471 ​
Playroom/Play Specialists​Ground Floor, Riverside03 364 0640
​Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU)​Floor 1, Parkside East​-
Pre Admission Clinic Ground Floor, Christchurch Hospital 03 364 1195 ​
​​Professional Development Unit (PDU)​Floor 5, Riverside​-
​Psychiatric Consultation Service​​Floor 4, Riverside​-
Radiology Department Floor 1, Riverside03 364 0770 ​
Radiology Department - Canterbury Community Radiology225 Papanui Road, Merivale​, Christchurch​​​​03 378 6975
​Resident Doctors Support Team (RMO Unit)​​Lower Ground Floor, Parkside West ​-
Respiratory Medicine Floor 2, Riverside03 364 0280 ​
​​​Respiratory Physiology Laboratory​Floor 4, Riverside​-
​Respiratory Services/Sleep Service ​​Floor 2, Riverside ​-
Rheumatology/Immunology Christchurch Hospital 03 364 0850 ​
​Security​Ground Floor, via external Emergency Dept Entrance​-
Sexual Health 314 Riccarton Rd, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch03 364 0485​
Sleep Studies Unit Christchurch Hospital 03 364 1089 ​
Social Work Service Christchurch Hospital 03 364 0420 ​
Speech Language TherapyLower Ground Floor, Riverside03 364 0710 ​
Urology Floor 3, Parkside West03 364 1009 ​
Vascular Endovascular & Transplant Surgery​ Floor 2, Parkside East03 364 0203 ​
Vascular Clinic Floor 4, Riverside 03 364 1174​
Van D​er Veer Clinic Level 2, 40 Stewart Street03 378 6058 ​
​Ward 11 / 18 / 19 / 20​Floor 3, Parkside East​-
​Ward 12​Floor 3, Parkside West​-
​Ward 14​Floor 3, Parkside West​-
​Ward 10 / 15 / 16 / 17 Surgical Assessment Review Area (SARA)​Floor 2, Parkside East-​
​Ward 15 - General surgery and gastroenterology​-​-
​Ward 16 - General Surgery​-​-
​Ward 17 - General Surgery​-​-
​Ward 18 - Orthopaedics​-​-
​Ward 19 - Orthopaedics and Trauma Unit​-​-
​Ward 20 - Plastic Surgery​-​-
Ward 21​ - Paediatric SurgeryGround Floor, Riverside03 364 0640​​
Ward 22​ - Paediatrics Medical​Ground Floor, Riverside03 364 0640​
Ward 23​ - General Medicine​Floor 1, Riverside​-
Ward 24 - Neurology​​Floor 1, Riverside​-
Ward 25 - Respiratory​​​Floor 2, Riverside
​Ward 26 - Oncology​Floor 2, Riverside​-
​Ward 27 - Endocrine and General Medicine​Floor 3, RIverside ​-
​Ward 28 - Nephrology and Neurosurgery​​​Floor 3, Riverside ​-

About Christchurch Hospital

Christchurch Hospital is the largest tertiary, teaching and research hospital in the South Island and provides a full range of emergency, acute, elective and outpatient services. Doctors and specialists from here also travel to major centres in the South Island providing specialist clinics and operations. Telemedicine facilities link the hospital with other sites throughout New Zealand. This means patients don’t always need to leave their hometown to receive treatment.

Christchurch Hospital provides services to over 40,000 inpatients each year. Approximately 80%  of these patients are admitted acutely. A further 23,000 people are day patients. The number of people waiting for surgery has fallen rapidly in recent years due to a significant increase in the number of surgical patients being treated. There are approximately 20,000 theatre visits each year. Christchurch Hospital operates 500-550 beds. Our busiest time of year is usually winter, and there is an active liaison with the rehabilitation hospitals (Burwood Hospital and The Princess Margaret Hospital) to ensure that patients are appropriately placed for acute and sub-acute care. There are over 300,000 outpatient attendances at the hospital, excluding those for radiology and laboratory services. In addition, Christchurch Hospital has the busiest Emergency Department in Australasia treating more than 83,000 patients a year.​

Many of the doctors and specialists working in the hospital are involved in leading international research. Often, they are engaged in joint projects with medical research scientists at the Christchurch School of Medicine, part of the University of Otago. The School is integrated into the hospital campus. Christchurch Hospital is the major tertiary teaching hospital in the South Island where doctors receive clinical training and it is one of the four main teaching hospitals in New Zealand. The examination pass rates for resident medical staff are high. A range of post-graduate nursing programmes is also offered.​​

​Patients and Visitors information

Patient and visitor support staff and volunteers are often available to help you inside and outside of the main hospital entrance.

Facilities at Christchurch Hospital Campus include:

​Pharmacy​Chapel ​Post Office / Postboxes
​Gift Shop​Bank of New Zealand​Taxi service phones
Hairdresser​Westpac ATM​Visitor toilets
Cafeteria​Food vending machines​Several ​café's

For more information about visiting Christchurch Hospitalview our printable PDF Christchurch Hospital map or see the following pages:

​​​Prevent infections if you are visiting a patient

  • Please leave infections at home - do not visit if you are feeling unwell. If you have recently had sickness and diarrhoea you must not visit until you have been free from symptoms for at least two days. Cover up any open wounds or cuts.

  • Please use the alcohol hand rub freely available from the hand hygiene stations in the hospita​l foyers or at the entrances to all wards and clinics.

  • Please do not sit on the patient’s bed - use the chairs provided.

  • Please do not touch patient’s wounds, bandages / dressings, or medical equipment.

  • Please do not clutter – help staff to keep areas clean by only bringing essential items into the hospital and taking things home that are not required.

  • Please do not use patient toilets on the wards, use the visitor toilets located outside the wards.

  • Great Escape Cafe

  • Location:

    Level 1, Parkside West

    Opening Hours:

    Mon - Fri (7.00am – 7.30pm)​​

    Sat/Sun and Public Holidays (9.00am – 7.30pm)​


  • ​​Parkside Cafe

  • ​​Location:

  • Inside main entrance: Christchurch Hospital

  • ​Opening Hours:

  • ​Mon – Fri (7.00am – 5.00pm)

    Sat-Sun and Public Holidays (8.00am -3.00pm)





Map of Christchurch Hospital

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