The Princess Margaret Hospital

The Princess Margaret Hospital

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The Princess Margaret Hospital

Cashmere Road


Postal Address:

The Princess Margaret Hospital

PO Box 800

Christchurch 8140


03 337 7800
03 337 7899

Visiting Hours

Child, Adolescent & Family Inpatient Unit - The Princess Margaret Hospital

Family, Whanau and friends are asked to contact the unit on (03) 3377773 regarding the best time to visit.

Mothers & Babies Unit / C Ward

10am-8pm Daily

Seager Clinic

10am-8pm Daily

Further advice about visiting

Specialist Mental Health Service Units can be flexible with visiting outside of times listed above. Staff will be happy to discuss options with visitors. Visitors may sometimes be asked to wait when their family member or friend is occupied

in part of the treatment programme.

Parking & Public Transport

Car Parking

​Car parking is available at various points around the site, also on Cashmere Road.

Please look at our hospital map or enquire at Main Reception.

Transport Options

​Taxis are available from outside the hospital on Cashmere Road.

A bus stop is located outside the main entrance between entrance 2 and 3.

The Princess Margaret Hospital Services & Departments

Listed below is a directory of The Princess Margaret Hospital (TPMH) services, sorted alphabetically. Click on the Service or view our printable hospital map.​ For more information about What to bring to hospital, Arriving at hospital, Your stay in hospital, Outpatient appointments and Visitors and Family please see the appropriate page in the Patients & Visitors section.




​Adult Community Referral CentreLevel 4 West, ​Heathcote Building, entry C on map (03) 33​7 7765​
​Adult Community Therapy Service​Level 2, ​Heathcote Building, entry C on map​(03) 337 7765
​CAFEmergency Team (CAFEm) ​Ground Floor, Heathcote Building, entry F on map ​0800 218 219 (select 2 option)
CAFSouth Community and Outreach Team ​Level 1, Heathcote Building, entry C on map​(03) 337 8740
Child, Adolescent and Family Inpatient Unit C Block, entry a on map​ (03) 337 7773
Community Rehabilitation Enablement & Support Team (CREST)Level 4 West, Heathcote Building, entry C on map(​03) 337 7765
​Community Stroke Rehabilitation Service​Level 2 East, Heathcote Building, entry C on map (03) 337 7765
​​C-Ward (Mothers and Babies)​C Block, entry a on map
Eating Disorders Unit​C Block, entry b on map

​(03) 337 7939​​

​Heathcote Building​Heathcote Building, entry C on map

​(03) 337 7704

​Judges Room​R Block, entry b on map
Interpreter / Translator Service-​(03)​​ 364 0669
Main Reception​ F Block, entry a on map​(03) 337 7899​
​Mothers and Babies Outpatients​C Block, entry a on map​​​
​Mothers and Babies Unit​C Block, entry a on map​
​Older Persons Health Specialist Service - North East Community Team ​Level 3 East, Heathcote Building, entry C on map​(03) 337 7765
Older Persons Health Specialist Service - South West Community Team ​Level 3 West, Heathcote Building, entry C on map​(03) 337 7765
Older Persons Mental Health (OPMH) Community Team ​Heathcote Building, entry C on map ​(03) 337 7765
​​Patient Enquiries​- (03) 337 7800​
Seager Clinic (Rehabilitation Inpatient Unit)Ground Floor, Heathcote Building, entry D on map (03) 337 7704
​Youth Forensic Team Level 5, Heathcote Building, entry C on map​ ​​(03) 339 ​1126

About The Princess Margaret Hospital

The Princess Margaret Hospital (TPMH), which was opened in 1959, is situated at the foot of the Port Hills, in the South of the city. It is located on Cashmere Road, near the intersection with Hackthorne Road.​

Mental Health services

A number of inpatient, outpatient and day-patient mental health services are provided at The Princess Margaret Hospital site.

Inpatient service includes the Rehabilitation Service (Seager Clinic) which was moved from Hillmorton Hospital to the The Princess Margaret Hospital site. This service is located on the ground floor of The Heathcote Building. Seager Clinic provides extensive care for people assessed as having a significant disorder arising from an established diagnosis of psychiatric illness and who require intensive support.

A number of specialty mental health services, some inpatient and some outpatient, are clustered in C Block of the main building of The Priness Margaret Hospital, this is a single-storey building immediately to the left of the Hospital's main entrance.

Older Person's Health services

The Canterbury DHB Older Persons Health & Rehabilitation Community Teams are based in the Heathcote Building.

Map of The Princess Margaret Hospital

Click on the map below to zoom in

​View a printableThe Princess Margaret Hospital Map (100kb, PDF)

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