Safe Sleeping for Babies

Key Safe sleep Messages– how to protect your baby.

(Source:  Ministry of Health)

  • Put your baby to sleep on its back with the face up. A baby's breathing works best in this position.

  • Ensure your baby's face is clear of bedding and it cannot get trapped or strangled. Avoid using pillows and bumper pads; do not put baby down on soft surfaces; make sure there are no loose blankets; remove any cords from bedding; ensure there are no gaps in the bed (a cot, bassinette, wahakura or pepipod).

  • Your baby is safest in its own bed (a cot, bassinette, wahakura or pepipod) and in the same room as the parent/caregiver (when the parent/caregiver is also asleep). Babies should not sleep in bed with another person (either adult or child).

  • Your baby should be smoke free in the womb and after birth. Also make sure friends and family do not smoke around baby. 

  • If possible, choose breastfeeding for your baby.

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Face up and arms free
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Page last reviewed: 08 January 2015