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About Christchurch Women's Hospital

The seven-level hospital is next to Christchurch Public Hospital, located in Christchurch central city, on Riccarton Avenue, between South Hagley Park and the Botanical gardens. Car parking is very limited.

The services at Christchurch Women's Hospital are specialised to provide care for women who have medical problems or are experiencing complications in their pregnancy. It is staffed 24 hours a day. Clinical staff liaise with your Lead Maternity Carer to provide your care.


Birthing Suite

Birthing Suite on the third floor of Christchurch Women's Hospital and accessed via the front entrance on the ground floor. Please contact your lead maternity carer (LMC) in the first instance as your LMC will notify Birthing Suite when you are expected to arrive, so the Ward Clerk can welcome you at the reception desk and Birthing Suite can be prepared for your arrival.

Birthing Suite is a purpose-built unit comprising 13 self-contained rooms. It is fully equipped for labour and birth, each having its own en-suite bathroom and an infant resuscitation unit. Two of the rooms have a pool for waterbirth. There are five assessment rooms, and two multi-purpose rooms. There are two operating theatres that are linked to a pre and post anaesthetic unit (PACU). A garden room is available for women experiencing fetal loss in the latter half of pregnancy. There is also an Acute Observation Unit (AOU) with two beds for women who are acutely unwell.

The clinical team of doctors and midwives liaise closely with you and your LMC to ensure you are able to make informed choices about your care. Please ask to speak to the Clinical Coordinator at anytime if you wish to discuss your care during your time in the Birthing Suite, or the Charge Midwife Manager during business hours.

Transfer from Birthing Suite

Well women and their babies are transferred to one of the CDHB primary birthing units for a postnatal stay, or to St George's Maternity Centre when these facilities are full, commonly within 2-4 hours following a vaginal birth.

Maternity Ward

The Maternity Ward is a 45 bed antenatal / postnatal unit located on the fifth floor. Nine beds are multipurpose double rooms with a shared en-suite. Women who have an antenatal complication of pregnancy are admitted to these beds and, as a consequence, may be an inpatient for some time. The other 27 rooms are single rooms with an en-suite used mostly after birth. Two are isolation rooms.

The length of stay postnatally on the Maternity Ward is assessed on an individual clinical basis of both mother and baby. Only women with complex needs (including caesarean section) or with babies with complex needs are admitted to the maternity ward.

Discharge planning is discussed with your LMC in the antenatal period and the again after birth, in collaboration with the ward midwife. As soon as you are well you will need to transfer to a CDHB primary birthing unit for your postnatal stay, or to St George's Maternity Centre if CDHB facilities are full. If you have had a caesearean section this will commonly occur between 24 - 48 hours.

If your baby is in the Neonatal Unit you will be admitted to Maternity Ward for 48 hours and maybe discharged home while your baby remains in hospital.

Midwives are available throughout your stay on Maternity Ward, to offer support and advice for breastfeeding, and  lactation consultants are available for specialised assistance.

Your feedback on your experience at Christchurch Women's Hospital is most welcome. The service is reviewed on an ongoing basis, to make improvements to ensure the service is high quality and tailored to meet the needs of you, the consumer.

Please complete  the "What Matters to You' Maternity Services Feedback Form' provided in all rooms, and place it in the blue box by the lifts. 

If you wish to discuss your care at anytime during your stay, ask to speak to the Clinical Co-ordinator or the Charge Midwife Manager.

Neonatal Unit (NICU)

The Neonatal Unit is on the fourth floor. The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) cares for newborn babies born prematurely, with surgical, congenital and medical complciations following birth requiring acute secondary and tertiary care. There are 10 intensive care cots and 28 special care cots.


There is a payphone on the ground floor and newspapers can be purchased from the reception desk.

Free Wi-fi​ is available to patients and visitors.


Your partner and visitors are able to purchase meals from the Great Escape café on the ground floor of the public hospital​, up till 7.30pm. Snacks can be purchased from the vending machines at any time or from a 'hole in the wall' café, open between 8am and 3pm.

In Birthing Suite there are two small parent lounges that have tea and coffee making facilities, and a television. There are no cooking facilities. Meals are provided for women who are staying. It is recommended your support people bring their own food and drink. 

Partners / a support person will usually stay overnight with you when you are in labour. It is important that another designated adult is available to supervise ​children if they come to the hospital.


Christchurch Women’s Hospital

2 Riccarton Avenue

Private Bag 4711

Christchurch 8140

Patient Enquiries: 03 364 4309

General Enquiries: 03 364 4699

Fax: 03 364 4331


For street directions view Google M​aps 

View car parking restrictions and general information about where to park near the Christchurch Hospital campus.

View car parking restrictions specifically for Christchurch Women's Hospital.

There is drop off point at the front entrance of Christchurch Women's Hospital off Riccarton Avenue  which can be used by fathers  to leave their vehicle in an emergency when a women is about to imminently give birth. They must leave the key with security who will move the vehicle to a longer term park.


Visiting hours are 8am to 9pm for partner / support person; and

10am - 1pm and 3pm - 8pm for all other visitors.

Please note that there is no visiting between 1pm to 3pm to ensure adequate rest time for all mothers. 

Other Services

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Pregnancy and parenting education classes

  • Antenatal Breastfeeding Courses  

  • Outpatients

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