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About Lincoln Hospital


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You can also view the Lincoln Maternity Hospital Tour on​​​

Lincoln Maternity Hospital is located in the Selwyn District, approximately 25 minutes' drive southwest of Christchurch city centre. In collaboration with your Lead Maternity Carer, Lincoln can offer you 24 hour, safe, flexible and supportive midwifery care during, and / or after, the birth of your baby. Pregnancy and birth are normal physiological processes for the majority of women. If you have no complications detected, the option of birthing at a Primary unit should be offered and encouraged. By choosing to birth at a primary facility, you are more likely to have a normal birth and less likely to need interventions. Most women who choose to birth at Lincoln do so, but occasionally a transfer to tertiary services at Christchurch Women's Hospital is necessary. Lincoln Maternity Hospital is fully equipped for childbirth, and the midwives are regularly trained to deal with emergencies.

Lincoln,  known for its beautiful rural garden setting and great food, provides a relaxed homelike environment, enabling uninterrupted birth and adjustment to parenthood, with time to support you during breastfeeding. 

If you birth at Christchurch Women’s Hospital, you may be transferred to Lincoln Maternity Hospital for your postnatal care, either directly from the Birthing Suite, or from the Maternity Ward.


The recently refurbished birthing rooms provides a warm and cosy space conducive to promoting active labour and normal birth. It includes a birthing couch and there are two birthing pools.

  • Six single postnatal rooms

  • A dining room for communal eating and socializing.

  • Spacious gardens


  • There are no restrictions on the use of mobile phones.

  • Wifi is not available; you will need your own cellular service for internet services.

  • A telephone is available (ph: 03-3252035)

  • TV is available in the lounge.

  • Newspapers can be purchased at the Lincoln shops nearby.


  • Communal kitchen is available for snacks and drinks.

  • Fruit, hot drinks, biscuits, and toast are available to all mothers at all times.

  • Special dietary requirements can all be catered for.

  • There is a pay-for-snacks box available.


Lincoln Maternity Hospital

35 James Street


Phone: 03 325 2802

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Visiting Hours

Friends and family are welcome to visit between 2.00pm - 4.00pm and 

7.00pm - 8.00pm

Partners can visit anytime during the day, up to 10.00pm

In all our primary units we now offer partners the option to stay 1 night, this may be the first night or an alternative night.  All our units have either a queen bed, fold out beds or lazy boys to accommodate this.  The CDHB has a consent form for partners to sign agreeing that they will support the mother and baby and abide by any health and safety regulations outlined by staff. ​​

Other Services

Pregnancy testing

Lincoln Hospital provides free pregnancy testing.

Pregnancy and Parenting Education Classes

Pregnancy and parenting education classes are held over six week blocks throughout the year. These classes are taken by qualified childbirth educators.

Classes are free to expectant parents.

All women using the Lincoln Maternity Hospital have access to all the maternity services and out-patient services provided through the CDHB. These are mainly located at Christchurch Women’s Hospital. You should talk with your  LMC to access the services.

Lincoln Hospital
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