Two weeks left to get enrolled and take advantage of free GP

Friday August 14, 2015

Unenrolled Canterbury residents have less than two weeks left to get enrolled and take advantage of a free check-up with a General Practice team.

Last month the Canterbury Health System launched an initiative to encourage people who don't have a regular general practice team to get enrolled. Anyone enrolling for the first time in Canterbury will pay nothing for their first standard consultation this year.

David Meates, Canterbury DHB chief executive says if you're not enrolled with a general practice team, you're missing out.

"To make the most of health services here in Canterbury you need to enrol or register with a general practice, who can either help you there and then, or can refer you to specialist services," Mr Meates says.

"It's estimated more than 30,000 workers and their families have moved to Canterbury for the rebuild. Many of those people are from overseas and don't know how the health system works and others may simply be new to Canterbury.

"Our Canterbury general practices provide high quality coordinated health care which is cheaper to these workers, and their families if they enrol."

Mr Meates says as people enrol with a general practice, they immediately have a team of people helping them and their family stay well and healthy.

"Signing up to a practice provides access to expert advice and check-ups; means you pay less for your health care; and you'll have ongoing vaccination and health screening check reminders. Prescriptions will be cheaper too (or free for those under 13 and enrolled with a general practice team)."

You are entitled to enrol with a general practice team if you are a New Zealand, Cook Island, Niue or Tokelau citizen or are entitled to stay in New Zealand for two years or more – with a work visa for example.

If you are enrolled somewhere else in New Zealand, you should consider enrolling in Canterbury if you spend most of your time here – especially if you play sport here or may get a work-related injury. Registering makes an important connection between you and a general practice.

Vouchers for a free general practice consultation can be downloaded from Vouchers are valid for people who enrol for the first time in Canterbury before the end of August 2015. Once they have enrolled they can have their free consultation any time before the end of 2015.​


Page last reviewed: 14 August 2015