Beanies for babies appeal

Wednesday July 13, 2011

Canterbury District Health Board wants every baby born this winter to get a woollen beanie when they leave Christchurch Women’s Hospital or a primary care birthing unit.

Jane Waite, Christchurch Women’s Health Service Manager, is encouraging the public to get their knitting needles clicking and knit newborn baby beanies.

“Babies lose most of their body heat from their heads and having a woollen beanie is a very simple way for mothers to ensure that their babies are kept warm,” she says.

The aim is to make sure babies going home, especially to the red zone, are kept warm.

“There are many young families living in damaged homes and heating their house this winter might be compromised,” Jane says.

New mother Natasha Grieve, who lives Dallington and is in the red zone, says the beanies are a wonderful idea.

“It’s daunting having a new baby in all the uncertainty of the earthquakes and with the chance of more electricity cuts. If every newborn baby has a beanie, it will definitely help keep them warm in case another major aftershock cuts power again,” Natasha says.

Volunteer knitter Ann Robertson says she has already started knitting and encouraged others to get involved.

“Beanies are so easy to knit, anyone can do it. They only take a 50 gram ball of double knitting wool,” Ann says.

Beanies must be made from 100 percent pure wool, not acrylic or from angora. They can be left or posted to reception at Christchurch Women’s Hospital, Riccarton Ave, Christchurch.

Alternatively donations of wool and knitting needles will also be accepted. Contact your Christchurch wool retailer for knitting tips and pattern ideas. ​

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