CDHB welcomes quake emergency response review findings

Friday October 5, 2012

The Canterbury District Health Board has welcomed the findings in an independent review of the Civil Defence Emergency Management response to the February 22 earthquake.

The purpose of the review was to identify the practices that should be reinforced and identify the processes and policies that warrant improvements.

David Meates, Canterbury District Health Board chief executive, says it's fantastic to see the review highlights the Canterbury Health System's response as exceptional.  

The report concluded:

  • The health sector response was remarkably successful in providing timely and highly quality treatment for those injured in the earthquake.
  • The manner in which the health sector responded to the February earthquake can be used as a model for future emergencies. This was because of the preparedness to deal with major emergencies, as well as the very good on-going cooperation between the primary and secondary health sectors in Canterbury.

Mr Meates says the Canterbury Health System is so successful because it's been built around relationships and trust.

"It's a reflection that the Canterbury Health System is committed to providing the right care, in the place at the right time by the right person no matter what challenges we face.

 "While none of us would ever hope to repeat the tragic events of the Canterbury quakes, we can be confident our efforts are tried and true and, as a result, probably saved many more lives that may have been lost had we not been so well prepared.

"It's been a remarkable effort and I'm so very proud of how the Canterbury Health System responded and continues to respond despite ongoing challenges from the quakes."

"The people working in our health system are considered leaders in their field when it comes to responding to an emergency. What they did on February 22 and immediately after has been acknowledged internationally as one of the best emergency responses to a major disaster."

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