CDHB wins second most active NZ organisation in GCC event

Tuesday October 16, 2012

‚ÄčThe Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) is the second most active organisation in New Zealand based on its participation in the 2012 Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) event.

A total of 385 CDHB staff and 35 of their colleagues from the West Coast District Health Board (WCDHB), who completed the challenge under the CDHB umbrella, took part.

Andy Hearn, CDHB Wellness and Injury Coordinator, says in 16 weeks the 60 teams of CDHB and WCDHB staff walked 397,910 kilometres, the equivalent of walking around the world 10 times.

"The GCC has proved to be a hugely successful way of encouraging staff to focus on both their physical and mental health during a tough time in post-quake Christchurch," he says.

"Staff averaged 14,173 steps a day and by the end of the challenge had collectively burnt off the equivalent of 52,226 large burgers or 99,953 pieces of cake."

Eighty-five percent of CDHB staff achieved a step average greater than 10,000 steps per day, as recommended by the World Health Organisation, compared to 18 per cent pre-GCC. 

"An impressive 80 per cent now rate their overall health as either good or excellent, compared to 65 per cent pre GCC and half said they lost weight.

"The benefits of physical activity are well known, but the GCC goes beyond just activity. It's more of a general wellbeing package because it encourages staff to connect socially, to learn more about the benefits of activity and nutrition, and to foster a sense of competition and teamwork.

"It's been a real success story and we are looking forward to participating next year."

Jacqui Norris, Programme Manager, Global Corporate Challenge, Synergy Health Limited says the 2012 GCC provided an opportunity for staff to participate in a virtual journey around the world alongside 185,000 people from 98 countries.

Over the 16 weeks participants record their pedometer steps, or other exercise, on the website and virtually walk around the world. Teams can upload photos and see photos and information about countries they 'visit'. The aim is to improve both employee and workplace health.

"New Zealand's most active organisation award is based on a range of critical participation, engagement and performance elements and CDHB achieved second billing on a leader board comprising 92 organisations around the country," Jacqui says

CDHB also achieved the position of 39th Most Active Organisation globally (out of 1200 organisations that participated) and fifth place within the worldwide healthcare and medical companies that took part.

"These really are truly amazing results and because of the success GCC plans to use CDHB as a case study on its website," she says.

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