CHCH doctor’s charitable three-seater ride from North to South

Tuesday October 16, 2012

Dr Richard Steane, a senior psychiatry registrar at Hillmorton Hospital, says he purchased a three-seater bicycle off Trademe earlier this year but at the time hadn't thought about how he was going to get it the 1000 kilometres or so it would need to travel to Christchurch.

"I had never seen one for sale before and it looked like it would be great fun to ride, so I made a bid on it.  After winning the auction, I realised that I didn't know how to get the bike from Auckland to Christchurch," Dr Steane says.

"While thinking about the logistics of getting the bike to Christchurch, one of my friends suggested organising a charity cycle ride. I thought this was an excellent idea."

Dr Steane's friends, Dr Brydie Johnston from Rotorua and Jimmy Griffiths from Nelson, have offered to take part and each member of the team has chosen to raise money for charities they are passionate about.  

"Brydie has chosen Big Brothers Big Sisters because her brother is a mentor with them and she has seen the difference that the mentoring has made. Jimmy has chosen The Shortbread Trust, a charitable trust that he helped set up... I have chosen to support Gap Filler, because they have brought a much-needed sense of fun and vitality back to Christchurch," Dr Steane says.

The group plans to rotate riding duties and raise funds by auctioning off the third seat of the bicycle each day of the journey. All the funds raised in the auction will go to the nominated charity for the week. 

"We are hoping to get a broad range of people to join us. Regardless of whether you have just returned from the Olympics or haven't cycled or 20 years, we would love to have you on the bike.  We would be particularly thrilled to get people who don't cycle regularly to join us – perhaps for a ride to their local café? A lift to work? Or a trip across town to see a friend? You do not have to ride a full day just part of the way."

The ride starts in Auckland on November 24. Check out the website for details ​

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