Canterbury DHB Workplace Wellbeing Award winners

Friday November 22, 2013

The Canterbury District Health Board (Canterbury DHB) has taken out top honours in this year's National Workplace Wellbeing Awards.

The awards recognise excellence in workplace health and wellness programmes, and are run by the Heart Foundation and the Health and Productivity Institute of New Zealand.

The Canterbury DHB was presented with the award for the best new programme at the 'Create a healthy workplace on a budget' forum at Te Papa, Wellington on November 19.

David Meates, Canterbury DHB chief executive, says the award recognises the significant progress the Canterbury DHB has made supporting staff since the earthquakes.

"Like everyone else in Canterbury, Canterbury DHB staff have been through a lot over the last three years. Earthquakes have caused disruption on a massive scale, both at home and at work. Our staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that health services continue to be provided despite these challenges," Mr Meates says.

Mr Meates says the Canterbury DHB has recognised the challenges facing staff and has put in place a series of programmes and initiatives to support staff wellbeing.

"Being the largest employer in the South Island and working in health it's important we lead from the front when it comes to the wellbeing of staff. 

"Investing in the wellbeing of our staff makes sense on many levels. Ultimately, improved staff wellbeing will lead to increased engagement and productivity, and better patient care.

"Late last year we conducted our inaugural Staff and Family Wellbeing Survey. The survey was designed to gauge how staff are coping since the earthquakes and to highlight areas where the CDHB may be able assist staff with their recovery."

As a result of the survey, a small group of specialist staff was formed to oversee the development of a staff wellbeing programme. In a short period of time the Staff Wellbeing Action Group have overseen the roll out of a wide range of wellbeing initiatives across multiple hospital sites, including:

  • Lunch time walking groups

  • Weightwatchers at work

  • Access to Earthquake Support Coordination Service

  • Seminars on finance, retirement, and men's health

  • Global Corporate Challenge (CDHB were the top team in NZ this year)

  • Pilates, yoga and Zumba

  • Mindfulness sessions and promotion of the Wellbeing Game

  • Smoking cessation support

Many of these initiatives are run by staff volunteers or by working with local businesses.

Mr Meates says the Canterbury DHB also continues to work with Canterbury retailers to expand the staff discount scheme.

"Our staff are our greatest resource and it's great to be recognised for the progress we've made supporting staff wellbeing. Canterbury's ongoing recovery, combined with the disruption caused by our ongoing repair and rebuild programme, highlight the importance of continuing to invest in the wellbeing of our staff," Mr Meates says.
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