Canterbury District Health Board to Embark on Major Building Projects

Friday December 16, 2011

It will soon be “All Happening” across Canterbury District Heath Board (CDHB) when the first in a series of major building projects get underway this summer. 

Projects range from new-builds to significant extensions and refurbishments aimed mainly at addressing urgent short-term health service delivery needs. 

David Meates, Canterbury District Health Board chief executive says in most cases the need for this work has come about as a direct result of the quakes that continue to impact the Canterbury region. 

These projects will also be in addition to the estimated $70m in significant repairs and immediate building projects taking place at all CDHB facilities and are likely to continue for some years.  

“The cost of repairs and earthquake strengthening is expected to continue to rise as the results of further invasive inspections are made available and the cost of the necessary work becomes known,” Mr Meates says.

To help keep staff, patients, visitors and the community informed about what’s happening we are working on an “It’s All Happening” awareness campaign to let people know what’s happening and when.   There will be signs, brochures and information on our website. 

“Look out for our bright signs over the coming weeks.  You won’t miss them,” Mr Meates says.

Upcoming construction projects include:

Christchurch Hospital campus

A new temporary outpatient facility will be built on the old Hagley Hostel site – this will house outpatient services for the next five years and has an estimated completion date of June 2012.

A new Acute Medical Assessment Unit (AMAU) – this will be a 36 bed unit that will be built where current outpatient facilities are currently located in the Parkside Block. This unit has an estimated completion date of December 2012.

On level two of Christchurch Hospital a new 27 bed inpatient ward and a 10 bed Surgical Progressive Care Unit will be created where the existing Department of Surgery is located.  This redevelopment is due for completion by the end of next year.

A new 26 bed inpatient ward will be created where the existing Orthopaedics Department is located on level three of the Parkside Block.  This is also due for completion by the end of next year.

Hillmorton Campus

The Adult Inpatient Mental Health Service will be extended and reconfigured to provide four wards each with a high dependency unit. This is to enable a new ward-based team model of care, based on integration across the inpatient and community teams with non-government organizations (NGOs) and primary care.  This is due for completion in July 2012.

Specialist Mental Health Services – Part of the Fergusson Building on the Hillmorton site will be refurbished to house approximately 180 mental health staff.  This refurbishment is expected to be complete in December 2012.

All CDHB owned facilities (particularly Christchurch Hospital, The Princess Margaret Hospital, Hillmorton and Burwood) are going to experience major disruptions over the coming years and this will have an impact on our ability to provide health services as we have in the past.  ​

Page last reviewed: 11 February 2014