Children in Canterbury get free the WotWots book at health check

Thursday August 25, 2011

​​Canterbury children having their B4 School Check will now get a free the WotWots book and sticker, thanks to a partnership between the Ministry of Health and Pukeko Pictures.

The adventurous alien twosome, SpottyWot and DottyWot, who star in the WotWots, an animated television series created by Weta Workshop-based Pukeko Pictures, are the new ambassadors for the Ministry’s B4 School Checks. The partnership was launched today in Wellington by Minister of Health Tony Ryall and Weta Workshop’s co-founder Sir Richard Taylor.

Joy Drummond, Canterbury B4 School Check Coordinator says she hopes the giveaway will make parents even more motivated to take their four year olds for their B4 School Check.

“The B4 School Check is free and includes an assessment of a child’s hearing, eyesight, teeth and gums, height and weight, behaviour and development. It can pick up any health issues children have well before they start school, so those issues can be addressed,” Joy says.

“Four year olds having the check now have the bonus of receiving a free the WotWots colouring-in, activity or board book and sticker.”

Nationwide, more than 100,000 children have had a B4 School Check.

In Canterbury children have their B4 School Check by either a practice nurse at their general practice or a public health nurse. The check takes about 45 minutes. Children are invited just before their fourth birthday. Parents who don’t receive an invitation can contact the Canterbury B4 School Check Coordination Team on 0800 B4SC123 (0800 2472123) to organise.

As well as free the WotWots books and stickers being given to children when they have their B4 School Check, the WotWots will feature on B4 School Check resources.

About B4 School Checks

The B4 School Check is the eighth Well Child check, and takes place as soon as possible after a child turns four. The check is free and helps to make sure children are healthy and can learn well.

The B4 School Check provides an opportunity for parents to talk to a registered nurse about their child’s wellbeing and development and raise any concerns they might have.

Sometimes children have health or development problems that can hold them back from learning or interacting with other children. The aim of the B4 School Check is to find and address these things before a child starts school.

The B4 School Check assessment includes a check of a child’s

  • hearing

  • eyesight 

  • teeth and gums

  • height

  • weight

  • behaviour

  • development.

If any concerns are identified, action can usually be taken early and the nurse can refer the child to appropriate services before they start school. Referral could be to a nurse, a doctor, a specialist such as a paediatrician or speech–language therapist, the dental service, or someone who can help with behavioural issues.

More information is available on the Ministry of Health website

About the WotWots

The WotWots is an enchanting pre-school series that follows the adventures of two adorable siblings from outer space, SpottyWot and DottyWot.  This delightful pair of enquiring minds has come to Earth to explore and to marvel at the extraordinary diversity of life on the blue planet. The show celebrates this joy of discovery and demonstrates the positive values that are the building blocks of a true and enduring friendship.

Pukeko Pictures is a business partnership between Academy Award winner Richard Taylor the co-founder and creative lead of Weta Workshop (Lord of the Rings, King Kong), and internationally acclaimed author and children’s television creator, Martin Baynton. Taylor and Baynton previously teamed up to create the award winning children’s program, Jane and the Dragon. ​

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