Clinical Board wants urgent progress on CDHB facilities redevelopment

Tuesday September 4, 2012

​Canterbury Health System's Clinical Board members are delighted to hear the Government has recognised the need to support Canterbury District Health Board's (CDHB's) hospital redevelopment plans.

Dr Daniel Williams, Chair of the Canterbury Health System's Clinical Board, says the clinical board welcomes the news but requests urgent progress on the redevelopment.

"For some time now the clinical board has been expressing concerns about the current facilities CDHB is using to provide patient care," Dr Williams says.

"Many of the current facilities pose a high degree of clinical risk. Having medical wards operating from The Princess Margaret Hospital; the urgent need for new theatres and an Intensive Care Unit; emergency department waiting rooms; paediatric wards (including the paediatric high dependency unit); the Acute Medical Assessment Unit, and acute mental health services, have been assessed as not clinically fit for purpose and not appropriately collocated.

"There is also an immediate shortage of Medical, Assessment Treatment and Rehabilitation (AT&R), and Intensive Care beds and theatres. The clinical risk posed by these shortcomings will only increase with time and we are very keen to see urgent progress on the facilities redevelopment."

Dr Williams says it is vital there were no further delays to the projects.

"We need to proceed full-steam ahead. The quality of patient care is our number one concern, however, new facilities will also help keep our best people and recruit more. We need to avoid wasting resources repairing damaged buildings with no future use and importantly, the public of Canterbury need reassurance and confidence that they will continue to have access to safe and appropriate hospitals," Dr Williams says.

The CDHB's Clinical Board is made up of 30 clinical leaders from across the health system including primary care, allied health, consumers and hospital-based clinicians. They are responsible for governing clinical standards across the continuum of care – from home, to community and hospital.

Page last reviewed: 24 July 2013