Gifts cheer up quake victims at Christchurch Hospital

Saturday March 5, 2011

​​Hand- made gifts, sent from the Assistant Governor Debra Bell on behalf of the Rotorua Sunrise Rotary Club, brightened up the lives of several Christchurch Hospital patients seriously injured in the February 22 earthquake.

Christchurch Hospital customer services manager Joy Sixtus says 10 beautiful quilts and some bunnies – “made with love” since the quake – were given to patients yesterday; recipients included two young Japanese women who were all smiles despite both suffering from a number of different injuries.

The Rotary Club’s wishes were for the foreign nationals caught up in the quake to receive the gifts but many of those victims have already returned to their own country.

“One quilt in particular was made especially for a young Japanese man who lost a limb and although he has been discharged, I will endeavour to have the Japanese Embassy team get this to him,” Mrs Sixtus says.

Although most of the children hurt in the quake are no longer in hospital, or have been transferred to Starship Hospital, other sick children in the paediatric ward will still take great comfort from these bunnies.

Mrs Sixtus says the gifts were a lovely gesture and the Rotary Club needs to be acknowledged.

The other gifts have been distributed to:

  • Two young women in ICU who lost limbs

  • A Canadian couple who were both seriously injured

  • Two Japanese girls

  • A women seriously injured who lost her daughter in the quake

  • Another seriously injured women with spinal injuries

  • A baby quilt for a young mother with a spinal injury. ​

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