Red crosses raise $20,000 for charity

Tuesday July 5, 2011

A Canterbury District Health Board employee has raised more than $20,000 for the Red Cross 2011 Canterbury Earthquake Appeal.

Paula Thompson, a Clinical Coder at Christchurch Hospital, has been making red clay embossed cross pendants and selling them for $15 since February 22 and has so far sold more than 1300.

Paula says she would not have been able to it without the help of Christchurch business women Rowena Hobbs, of Labels of Late, who has been selling the crosses in her Merivale store and Petra de Geus, of Zigzag Polyner Clay Supplies, who has donated red clay.

Rowena says the crosses have been extremely popular because they touched people’s hearts.

“I had a lady buy one for her friend who wasn’t coping well with the aftershocks and I’ve a had lots of people buying them for family members living overseas who want to show their support for their fellow Cantabrians. The coroner also bought one to wear during the inquests,” Rowena says.

“Paula has done an amazing job and deserves to be acknowledged for her efforts.”

Paula says she started making the crosses in honour of her relative, a Christchurch Red Bus driver, who was one of several people killed when the bus he was driving was crushed by falling debris in the central city. 

“The inspiration was the red of the red bus and the cross being the symbol of my relative’s passing. I have found making them very therapeutic. It’s also a real buzz to see people wearing them.”

Paula hopes to present a cheque to the Red Cross this month. ​

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