Sharing clinical information improves patient care

Thursday October 4, 2012

Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB), strategic partners Orion Health, and Pegasus Health, are heralding a major leap in making electronic patient information available to clinicians.

eSCRV or ‘electronic Shared Care Record View’ has ‘Gone Live’, meaning Canterbury clinicians, such as General Practitioners, pharmacists, and community nurses can now sign up for secure access to the latest patient information, enabling them to deliver better and safer care. 

Dr Nigel Millar, CDHB chief medical officer, says early adopters of eSCRV at  Bealey Ave’s 24hr Surgery have described it as ’the best invention since sliced bread’.

“Feedback has been really positive. Some say this is the greatest advancement in the last decade in terms of improved access to CDHB’s clinical management systems, making clinical life so much easier. A Nurse Maude eSCRV user told us it has made a huge difference to managing patient care and saves significant time because it’s made calls through to the hospital to request information such as radiology or test results unnecessary.”

Dr Millar says the biggest advantages of eSCRV are the benefits for Canterbury people.

“Clinicians will view correct and up-to-date information from the same record, greatly increasing patient safety. Another key objective is to save people’s time – through eSCRV there is no need to wait while clinicians hunt down copies of records and patients don’t need to provide the same information over and over.”

While eSCRV allows better sharing of accurate patient information between clinicians, privacy is still paramount, Dr Millar says.

“There are tight controls in place to protect people’s privacy and to ensure clinicians only get to see information relevant to their part in a patient’s care. People who have questions about the sharing of their information can ask a clinician that they know well, such as their GP, for advice,” he says. 

If people do not want certain information to be shared electronically, they can ask a clinician such as their General Practice team, pharmacist or a community nurse to ‘block’ access to that information. Alternatively, they can tell a clinician they want to opt-off altogether, or do it themselves by calling freephone 0508 837 872 or emailing


Additional information

  • eSCRV was conceived in the aftermath of the February 2011 Canterbury earthquake. Many General Practices were closed and hard-copy records inaccessible.
  • People displaced by the earthquakes were going to a different General Practice team - without their records, or coming in to the Emergency Department and there was no quick way for clinicians to check their medical history.
  • Orion Health has an international reputation as technological innovators, with offices in Asia, America, Europe and Australia and the Canterbury Health System is delighted to be able to tap into their expertise. Orion were one of the first significant new businesses to make their home in Christchurch following  the February 2011 earthquake and now have around 30 staff in their Christchurch office, but with plans to increase that number to 100.
Page last reviewed: 24 July 2013