Winter proof your house this summer

Tuesday December 18, 2012

​Cantabrians are being encouraged to prepare their house for winter, this summer.

Dr Ramon Pink, Canterbury Medical Officer of Health, says winter is probably the last thing on people's minds but there's no better time to make homes warmer and drier before the cold weather strikes.

"Now's the perfect time to get insulation installed in your ceilings and floors. There are no waiting times and you can still take advantage of some pretty generous subsidies," he says.

"It doesn't matter if you are a tenant or living in your own house – subsidies are there to assist you."

Dr Pink says this summer Community Energy Action is offering extra subsidies to encourage landlords to insulate their properties. For more information go to   Landlords have until January 31, 2013 to receive their free, no-obligation quote.

"It's great to see Canterbury District Health Board is continuing its partnership with CEA, EECA and Environment Canterbury next year," he says.

Under the partnership, CEA provide home energy checks to people who have had multiple winter visits to hospital. The home owner is then told about of what they can do to their house to make it warmer and drier, and what subsidies and other funding are available.  

"The pilot had some fantastic results and highlighted the enormous benefits of installing insulation into people's houses. For example, it has been successful in keeping people well and out of hospital, and that is good for everyone'" Dr Pink says.

"Not only does insulation hold in the household heat during winter and lead to lower power bills, but it will help keep things cool during what we hope will be a long, hot summer."

To get your house ready for winter Dr Pink also recommends:

·         Airing mattresses and duvet inners on hot, dry days
·         Putting a little extra money into your power account to help manage higher winter bills
·         Cleaning your heat pump filter so it works efficiently
·         If you have a clean burning wood fire now is the time to get and store dry wood
·         If your house was damp last winter, put extractor fans in the bathroom and kitchen
·         Upgrading your curtains to winter lined ones. 

For more tips about keeping your home dry, and to find out more about some of the programmes and subsidies available, phone CEA on 0800 438 9276.

Page last reviewed: 14 February 2014