Canterbury Health System Snow Update One

Wednesday June 19, 2013

Contingency plans are in place throughout the Canterbury Health System to ensure essential health services are kept up and running.
At this stage, it is business as usual at all hospitals, GP practices and pharmacies across Canterbury.
In the event of heavy snowfall making it dangerous for people to leave their homes, a decision will be made tomorrow morning on whether to postpone outpatient appointments, surgery, or any other health services.
If postponement is necessary, people will be phoned and advised. I apologise in advance if this is short notice, or if there is anyone we are unable to contact.
If we lose power or heating, make a plan to stay with friends or family who have heating.  Wear extra layers of warm clothes (such as wool or polypropylene) and eat warm food.
MEALS ON WHEELS will continue to be delivered – by 4WD if necessary.
GENERAL PRACTICE TEAMS & PHARMACIES At this stage all General Practice Teams in both urban and rural areas are open. However, if it snows heavily, it’s advisable to phone your GP practice before you leave home.
Remember – if you need health advice at any time, call your usual GP 24/7. Your call will be answered by a registered nurse who can advise on what to do and where to go if you need urgent care.
MEDICATIONS If your prescriptions are running low, make arrangements to stock up now.  And if you leave home to stay with friends or family, remember to take your usual medications with you.
We are closely monitoring the weather and will provide further updates as the situation changes.
For further information, please see our Media Guide page.
Page last reviewed: 09 July 2013
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