Community support appreciated for North Canterbury Health Hub

Monday November 11, 2013

Plans for the North Canterbury Health Hub are progressing with encouraging support from the community.
The Waimakariri Health Advisory Group and Canterbury DHB North Canterbury Health Hub project specialist Michael McIlhone met last week to discuss progress of the new hub.
Mr McIlhone says the community and stakeholders continue to be engaged about any developments in relation to the hub.
“The Waimakariri Health Advisory Group appreciates the ongoing dialogue regarding the Hub project and has indicated it is comfortable with how things are progressing, despite completion dates being extended.”
Mr McIlhone says Canterbury DHB chief executive David Meates highlighted at the two public meetings in March and May earlier this year that the DHB faced delays because it had to reprioritise a number of its major projects post quakes.
“While we acknowledge delays may be frustrating for some in the community, we don’t want to rush into building a facility that doesn’t meet the needs of the community or providers. We need to be as sure as we can that we’ve got everything right – otherwise if we get it wrong it could be a very expensive burden the community has to live with.”
The ‘new’ anticipated completion date of more than 18 months away was also identified as part of the initial project management timeline that was highlighted earlier this year, Mr McIhone said.
“The Canterbury DHB has more than two dozen major construction projects on the go, which all of course need to be prioritised. Rangiora is one of those key projects but there are processes we have to follow before we can move to the building stage and this does take time.”
In September the Canterbury DHB approved $750,000 for the purpose of Project Management and subsequent architecture and design.
The Project Management is currently out for Request for Tenders (RFT), which closes on November 20.
“A RFT from previously shortlisted Architects and Designers is currently being prepared so as to coincide with the appointment of the Project Manager. In the interim the project is being managed by internal Canterbury DHB personnel.”
A number of ideas for the new hub were being considered.
In addition to current Canterbury DHB services working out of Rangiora Hospital, other new Canterbury DHB services have been identified for the Hub.
“For example, specialised outpatient services such as Children’s, and Older Person’s Health.
“Ongoing consultation with community providers has identified a number of organisations that would like to use the new Hub facilities in some form or another.”
Some examples of these groups and organisations are Family Works, Family Budgeting, Injury Prevention Waimakariri, Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Māori Health Providers, Rural Canterbury PHO Services, Wellbeing North Canterbury, Alzheimer’s Canterbury, Nurse Maude, ACCESS Home Health and Healthcare NZ.
“We look forward to progressing this project and continuing to work closely with the people living in North Canterbury to improve their health services,” Michael says.

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Page last reviewed: 10 December 2013