Dry forecast for parts of Canterbury in July

Friday June 28, 2013

July may be the middle of winter but it will be an especially dry month for more than 500 people who have signed up as Dry July-ers (DJs) to help adult cancer patients.
The Dry July Campaign, a nationally run, on-line fundraising and health awareness campaign began in 2012.  Individuals or teams can sign up to the challenge of a month-long sponsored abstinence from alcohol. This year Dry July is raising funds for cancer centres in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.
David Meates, CDHB Chief Executive, says it’s not often we get the chance to help people just by not doing something.
“We can provide extra comfort for adults receiving cancer treatment at Christchurch Hospital and do ourselves a favour by giving up alcohol for the month. We need everyone to get behind this, if you haven’t signed up you can still support someone who has,” Mr Meates says.
Money raised for patients receiving treatment in the Canterbury health system will go towards spending on creating better environments and support networks for adult cancer oncology patients and their families who live in Canterbury or have their cancer treatment here. It’s hoped that items such as illuminated ceiling murals, comfortable lazyboy chairs and iPads can be bought with the funds raised.
Jane Bell, a neo-natal nurse has recently completed her second 18 week course of chemotherapy treatment at Christchurch Hospital. She was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2007 – 10 years after she moved to Christchurch from the United Kingdom with her family in search of new opportunities and lifestyle.
While her most recent treatment has been in a much nicer place than the drab “virtual cupboard” she received treatment in back in 2007, she says it could still be improved further.
“We receive the very best of care but the view from the chemotherapy chair is really limited. It would be great to have something pretty to look at or an iPad I could use during the treatment,” Jane says.
Jane is encouraging people to get on board with Dry July.
“I’ve had wonderful support from friends and family throughout my battle with cancer and I’ve really appreciated what my doctors have done for me. Here’s a way though, that people out there who have wanted to help people like me, but didn’t know how, can get involved. It really is inspiring to see people, perhaps complete strangers, pledging their support for Dry July. We need people to support our DJs now with donations if we are to be successful,” Jane says.
Christchurch Hospital’s Oncology Service provides a comprehensive service for a population of 750,000 people living throughout the top half of the south Island of New Zealand. The service sees approximately 200 patients every day.
Outpatient services include a 12 chair chemotherapy day unit and four linear accelerators. Inpatient services are delivered through a 30 bed Oncology Ward and a Brachytherapy Unit.
You can support Christchurch Hospital DJs at www.dryjuly.co.nz
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Page last reviewed: 09 July 2013