Festivals a Boost for Wellbeing

Wednesday September 25, 2013

Cantabrians will have the opportunity to boost their wellbeing at two festivals starting this week.
The Walking Festival will run 27 September – 6 October and The Body Festival will run from 27 September – 13 October. Both festivals are being supported by the All Right? wellbeing campaign.
All Right? manager Sue Turner says both festivals will provide opportunities for  Cantabrians to get active, try new things, and increase wellbeing.
“Canterbury has been through a lot over the last three years and it’s important we take every opportunity we can to do things that boost our wellbeing,” Sue says.
“Research shows that incorporating five simple actions into our lives – connecting, being active, giving, learning and taking notice – improves our wellbeing. The Walking Festival and The Body Festival provide many opportunities to incorporate these activities into your life.”
Sue says it’s the simple things that bring us joy.
“Little things like walking and talking with a friend, or learning a new dance move, can cause dramatic improvements in wellbeing.
“With 25 free walks, The Walking Festival is a great way to discover some of Christchurch’s best places.”
All Right? is sponsoring the opening event at Halswell Quarry at 12.30pm on Saturday. All Right? will also be represented at the closing event, the Walk 4 Wellbeing, taking place at the  Botanical Gardens on Sunday 6 October. The Walk 4 Wellbeing includes 14 fun and interactive activities associated with the five ways to wellbeing.
Sue says The Body Festival is also a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try new things.
“Quite simply, it’s all right to dance! The Body Festival provides hundreds of opportunities to extend and express yourself,” she says.
“An exciting part of this year’s programme is the 18 free ‘have a go’ workshops sponsored by the Red Cross. These workshops cover everything from tap dancing to blues, and will take place in six Canterbury suburbs – Linwood, Lyttelton, New Brighton, Rolleston, Sumner, and Kaiapoi. Learning new things builds confidence and a healthy mind, and I strongly recommend giving a workshop a go.”
Sue Turner says The Wellbeing Game will provide another opportunity to incorporate the five ways to wellbeing into what you do each day. The object of the Game is to accumulate wellbeing hours by doing things that fit within the five ways to wellbeing.
“Many of the things we like to do are good for us, but when life gets busy we don't always make time for them. Playing the Game encourages you to take a moment and reflect on the things that keep you well.”
Additional information:
• For more information on The Walking Festival go to www.walkingfestival.co.nz
• For more information on The Body Festival go to www.thebody.co.nz
• The Wellbeing Game runs from October 7 to November 3. For more information and to register go to www.thewellbeinggame.org.nz.

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Page last reviewed: 25 September 2013