Selwyn Aquatic Centre Reopened

Thursday September 26, 2013

The Selwyn Aquatic Centre will reopen on Friday 27 September from 6am.
The Centre was temporarily closed to the public following an outbreak of cryptosporidium, a bug which causes severe stomach cramps and diarrhoea.
Test results from water drawn from the pools after they were cleaned and refilled with fresh water indicates that cryptosporidium is no longer present at the centre.
Pool users are reminded that it is extremely important not to swim or bring children to the Aquatic Centre if they have experienced diarrhoea and to stay out of the Centre for at least two weeks after their symptoms are finished.

Parents who have children enrolled in swim school lessons will receive credits for missed lessons which will be used in term four.  People who have purchased pool memberships will also have their membership period extended by the centre to make up for the closure period.

Aquatic Facilities Manager Kathy Moore says “it’s just wonderful to be open again and we welcome all our users back”.

Canterbury Medical Officer of Health Dr Alistair Humphrey has commended the Selwyn District Council and Aquatic Centre staff for the proactive role they have played to ensure the facility is as safe as it can be.

“The pool is never the source or outbreaks – the source is infected people who use the pool. People who use the pool must ensure that they do not swim two weeks after having diarrhoea. If they do they are putting their community at risk,” Dr Humphrey says.
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Page last reviewed: 10 October 2013