Spreading the love in Canterbury

Friday March 28, 2014


​In the latest Outrageous Burst of All Right? shoppers at Pak 'n Save Wainoni experienced an impromptu concert from the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra (CSO). 

As part of sharing the love shoppers also received grocery vouchers donated by Pak 'n Save.

Outrageous Burst of All Right are designed to share a little love and bring smiles to Cantabrians as the region's recovery progresses.

All Right? spokesperson Ciaran Fox says that  there are a lot of things about the recovery that cause frustration and stress.

"Whether it's big, small or outrageous, the things we do for others can make a big difference," Ciaran says.

​​Check the video out for yourself at: http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/christchurch-life/all-right/

​Previous Outrageous Bursts of All Right​

Filling up the tankallright-z-news220.jpg

In December 2014 people who pulled into pump 5 at the Curletts Road Z petrol station received compliments from two fake radio DJs over a speaker. As well as compliments, a dozen random customers were mobbed by three 'All Righties' and provided with free coffee, flowers, cup cakes and petrol.

Flower bombing

This Outrageous Burst took place on 4 September 2012 and saw volunteers from the BNZ join the All Right? team. Together , we handed out thousands of roses (donated by Moffats Flowers) and hundreds of coffees (donated by Underground Coffee).

All Right? visited EQC’s call centre; Lyttelton Main, Lyttelton West and Phillipstown Schools; Eastgate Mall; and some of the city’s SCIRT workers.

​​“All my work buddies are smiling too, fantastic coffee, thank you All Right and BNZ.  It’s pretty tough working at EQC, my house is munted and I’m still waiting too, it’s sometimes hard to come to work and cop other people’s stress when I go home to a broken house too but you guys brightened my day!!!!”

​Bacon bombing

photo 2.JPG

SCIRT workers are tasked with the enormous job of rebuilding and repairing the damaged underground infrastructure and roads.  With the help of Hellers and an anonymous giant bacon buttie, the All Right? team took to several SCIRT sites in December 2013 to show the workers a bit of (rather unusual) love.

​​“This was amazing, I was having a terrible day yesterday, then you guys and gals showed up at our office and made my day...it wasn’t about the delicious bacon, or management dressed up as buns (although that was hilarious)...it was the fact you had taken time out of your day to do something for someone else. I'm sure the guys in the field really appreciated this kind gesture, it has inspired me to do more for other people in the lead up to Christmas! Thanks heaps!”

Limo rides

limo balloons.jpgUnwitting members of the public were our target for this Outrageous Burst. We had a limo (provided by Christchurch Limousines) cruise the city to give people an "all right kind of ride". 

​“What a fantastic idea; great to see the surprise and delight on the faces of all, it nearly made me smile as much as when I saw the Christchurch comedian's video clip taking the mickey out of Miley Cyrus. Well done Christchurch and all that made it possible.”

Ten Tenors 

When Jeanette Wilson booked tickets to see The Ten Tenors in Christchurch, she thought it would simply be ''a nice night out'' for her and her friends.  

Enter the All Right? team with a surprise upgrade (courtesy of The Press).  Jeanette and her group were sitting in their seats waiting for the concert to start when they were ‘upgraded’… taken to a corporate box, given champagne and food before watching The Ten Tenors from some of the best seats in the CBS Arena.

​​"I was blown away!  I thought someone was having me on, I never win things. I'm so thrilled for all my friends.''

Jeanette Wilson

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