An Accessible City - Important changes to traffic flow around hospital corner

Tuesday November 18, 2014

Christchurch City Council has approved the first two steps in a major programme of work to transform the roading network in the centre of Christchurch. The first two projects – which will be publicised by the Council under the branding "An Accessible City" – will begin on November 21.

One of the two projects focuses on altering traffic flows around Hospital Corner, at the intersection of Riccarton Ave, Hagley Ave and Tuam Street. Eventually, Tuam Street is to be made one way eastbound, becoming the main eastbound route across the city. St Asaph Street will be one-way westward along its whole length, and Oxford Terrace closed to through traffic.

From Friday there will be no access to Hagley Ave for northbound cars and motorcycles from Moorhouse Ave, and the Moorhouse/Lincoln Road junction will be reconfigured as a T junction. Cyclists can use the cycleway in Hagley Park to get from Moorhouse Ave/Lincoln Road to the Hospital. Emergency vehicle access will be unaffected.

Northbound city traffic will be diverted up Montreal Street instead of past the hospital. This should make Hospital Corner less busy. Access to the hospital from the south will be via Selwyn Street.

Public access to the hospital and surrounding facilities, including access to our Park & Ride service will be largely unaffected except of course that car drivers and motorcyclists won't be able to approach the hospital via Hagley Avenue.
There will also be new angled parking on Hagley Ave, near the netball courts.

More detailed information about the work, including maps and timings, is available at Transport for Christchurch and in the Overview of Works Notice.

Overview of all route changes

View larger map of all routes

View larger map showing all route changes

Hospital emergency routes

View larger map of hospital emergency routes

View larger map showing emergency routes to Christchurch Hospital

Suggested commuter routes into the city

View larger map showing suggested commuter routes

View larger map showing suggested commuter routes


Suggested cycle routes

View larger map showing suggested cycle routes

View larger map showing suggested cycle routes


Page last reviewed: 18 November 2014