Zero fees for under 13's

Friday June 26, 2015

​​If your child is under 13 years and enrolled with a general practice team then getting them medical care from 1 July may be a whole lot cheaper.

zero-fees-poster.jpgMost general practices will offer zero-fee visits for young people under 13 from 1 July and you'll no longer need to pay the $5 charge for each item of prescription medicine for under-13s, though other charges may apply*.

The 'zero fees' scheme applies to a standard daytime visit to the child's regular general practice team (where they are enrolled) or an after-hours visit to a participating clinic. It also applies to injuries covered by ACC.

After-hours services are designed for urgent visits when the child's regular practice is closed and where the child needs to be seen before the practice opens again.

* Situations where you may charged for medical care for under-13s include:

  • Not being enrolled with a general practice team

  • During the day if you don't to your regular practice you may be charged a fee; make an appointment with your regular practice if you can.

  • Extended general practice consultations, procedures and extra services such as certificates or equipment will continue to be charged in the usual way.

  • Pharmacies may also charge for extra services such as medicines delivery or packaging, in addition to fees for medicines that are not funded by Pharmac.

  • Give your general practice a call and ask if they provide zero-fee visits for under-13s or check your practice website. Check with your pharmacy about the prescription charge.

  • If your regular practice doesn't offer zero-fee visits to under-13s, you can choose to enrol with another practice that does.

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You can also get advice from a trained nurse by calling Healthline on 0800 611 116 or Plunketline on 0800 933 922.

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Page last reviewed: 26 June 2015