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Welcome to our Smokefree District Health Board

The Canterbury DHB is committed to promoting good health and maintaining a healthy environment for our patients, staff and visitors. This is why all our buildings and grounds are totally smokefree.

For those who do smoke, this means you cannot smoke anywhere on site – inside or out. While this can be a challenge, it also provides an opportunity to tap into the expertise of health staff who are able to help you to stop smoking.  

For those who do not want to stop smoking, our staff can support you to manage being smokefree while you are at the Canterbury DHB.

Being smokefree during your stay provides the optimal condition for effective wound healing. Tobacco smoke reduces blood flow, so being smokefree is a great choice for a quicker recovery. Staying smokefree when you leave hospital is one of the best things you could do for your own general health and wellbeing.

How will I cope being smokefree in hospital?

If you smoke regularly, your body gets used to a steady supply of nicotine. When you stop smoking, it is the withdrawal from nicotine that causes discomfort. To help you remain smokefree and be comfortable during your stay, staff can provide nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) –for example, patches, lozenges and gum – which replace the nicotine supply to your body.  Nicotine is safe for most people to use.  It is the 4,000 poisons in tobacco and tobacco smoke that cause harm.

NRT is used as a safe alternative to smoking to help keep you comfortable. It can reduce the severity of some of the symptoms that people experience when they can't smoke, such as cravings, irritability and restlessness. 

We know that most people who smoke want to quit and that it can be a hard journey for many. Talking to your doctor or nurse about your smoking is a great first step.​

Take steps now to become smokefree

If you know about your hospital admission in advance, take steps now to prepare for your stay.

There are many options for support to stop smoking. You can talk to your doctor or nurse go to for more information on the range of free support available in the community. 

You can more than double your chance of success by engaging support to stop smoking.


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Page last reviewed: 28 October 2015