What to bring to hospital

​​Your personal belongings

  • Comfortable day clothes and spare clothes

  • Night-dress or pyjamas for sleeping. You can also bring your own pillow and pillow case (blue pillow cases are provided for the head). Please make arrangements for a friend or relative to do your personal laundry

  • Practical footwear (shoes / trainers)

  • If you have equipment to support your mobility such as a walking aid, please name this and bring it with you

  • Glasses, hearing aids and dentures. Bring the cases for your glasses and hearing aid so they can be put away safely when you are not wearing them. If you wear dentures, please bring your cleaning container with you

  • Toiletry items, such as toothbrush, toothpaste etc.

  • Book / eBook reader / tablet / mobile phone, charger. Please be considerate of others and keep all electronic devices on silent / vibrate and use earplugs if listening online. Free Wi-Fi is available.

Note: Cell phone interfere with medical equipment at close range. Please turn off cell phones within 1 metre of medical equipment

  • ​We recommend personal items be named. No more than $20 should be kept with you.  If necessary, valuables or money may be kept in a locked cupboard in the ward or deposited in the hospital safe.  Canterbury DHB does NOT accept any responsibility for the loss of any personal item

​​​Information telling us your wishes

Please bring any documents with you that explain how you want us to care for you:

  • Hospital Passport

  • Advance Care Plan (ACP).


You (or family/whanau or support person) are encouraged to bring your medicines on admission (together with your medication list (yellow card) if you have one) - especially if you find yourself coming into hospital unexpectedly.

The medications will not be used when you are an in-patient except as a temporary measure until a supply can be obtained. Your own medications will then be stored in a dedicated area on the ward. 

If you have any questions, please discuss these with your nurse, doctor or the ward pharmacist.​

More information

​​​Travel Assistance

See Patient Travel Assistance.

Children staying in hospital

You can find specific information about children staying at hospital on our Child Health pages Preparing for a stay in hospital and What to expect when you arrive at hospital (see our videos)

What to bring to hospital
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Page last reviewed: 01 June 2018