Health Targets

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Health Targets are a set of national performance measures specifically designed to improve the performance of health services that reflect significant public and government priorities. They provide a focus for action.

The 2016/17 health targets

How did Canterbury DHB perform?

Health target results - Canterbury DHB Q4 (104Kb, PDF).


Media Releases

Canterbury meets 5 out of 6 Health Targets
Canterbury DHB media release 22 August 2017 

Canterbury DHB's performance strong despite challenges
Canterbury DHB media release 21 February 2017

Strong commitment to new target focused on healthy kids
Canterbury DHB media release 22 November 2016

Immunisation rates well covered for Canterbury
Canterbury DHB media release 24 May 2016

Post-quakes pressures on Canterbury continue to shake the health system
Canterbury DHB media release 23 February 2016

Canterbury DHB sustains strong performance in health targets Q1, 2015-2016

Canterbury DHB media release 24 November 2015

Integration drives Canterbury Health System's performance
Canterbury DHB media release 26 May 2015

Quarter 2 health targets - still a challenge for health to stay on top in a post-quake environment
Canterbury DHB media release 24 February 2015

Health target first quarter results on track​
Canterbury DHB media release 25 November 2014

Performance in primary health targets almost doubles in past year​

Canterbury DHB media release 26 August 2014

Helping people quit and checking their heart health is getting on target
Canterbury DHB media release 27 May 2014

Strong results in smoking and electives health targets
Canterbury DHB media release 26 November 2013​

Archive of previous health target results and reports

2016/17 health target results

Health target results - Canterbury DHB Q3 2016-17 (120Kb, PDF)

Health target Results - Canterbury DHB Q2 2016-17 (200kb, PDF)

Health target results Q1 2016-17 (200Kb, PDF)

2015/16 health target results

Health target results Q4 2015-16 (120kb, PDF)

​​Health targets results Q3 2015-16 (114KB, PDF)

Health targets results Q2 2015-16​ (107KB, PDF)

Health target results Q1 2015-16 (189KB​​, PDF)

​​​2014/15 health target results

Health target results Q4 2014-15 

Health target results Q3 2014-15

Health target results Q2 2014-15

Health target results Q1 2014-15

​​​2013/14 health target results

Health targets results Q4 2013-14

Health target results Q3 2013-14

Health target results Q2 2013-14

Health target results Q1 2013-14 ​

2014/15 reports to the Board

Health Target Report Q3 2014-15

Health Target Report Q2 2014-15

Health Target Report Q1 2014-15

2013/14 reports to the Board 

Health Target Report Q4 2013-14

Health target report Q3 2​013-​14

​​Health target report Q2 2013-14

Health target report Q1 2013-14

Health Targets
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