Kaikoura Integrated Family Health Centre

​​Kaikoura Heal​​th Te Hā o Te Ora

Kaikoura Health Te Hā o Te Ora is Kaikoura's new hospital. It has been set up to support a more integrated approach to health care that will be reflected under the new model of care. 

​The building was officially opened by Minister of Health Dr Jonathan Coleman on 15 April, 2016.​​The new look Kaikoura Integrated Family Health Centre

 Some fast facts

  • The $13 million Kaikoura Integrated Family Health Centre has replaced the old hospital facilities and will provide facilities for primary care, aged care, acute care, maternity care, radiology services and trauma stabilisation.

  • The government agreed to a $10million spend to support the construction of a family healthcare centre at Kaikoura.

  • The community raised the other $3.4 million that is needed for its contribution to the centre.

  • The new IFHC is on the site of the old hospital so involved a complex, staged development.

  • The Kaikoura hospital originally opened on June 3, 1912 – parts of it are over 100 years old making it the oldest health facility in use in Canterbury, and possibly New Zealand. 

1912 hospital.jpg

The opening of the Kaikoura Hospital in 1912.

On cam​​era

Patients enjoy their new surroundings and the amazing view from Kaikoura Health Te Hā o Te Ora.
kaikoura view.jpg
Out of the old…. Resident Peter Buchanan leaves the old Kaikoura Hospital with CDHB staffer Nerissa Baker and some help from one of Don Woods Relocation managing directors, Craig Woods.A Kaikoura move 2 - 150915-asphoto-15886 (1).jpg​And into the new...Alison Milnes helps settle her father, Peter Buchanan into his new room at the Kaikoura Health Te Hā o Te Ora.daugher and father bedroom small.jpg

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