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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions​

​Can I park at the Hospital?​

No, unless you have a mobility parking permit, and then only in the designated area in the front of the Hospital. The back of the site is closed to ALL public traffice - pedestrian and vechiles. Access to the rear of Christchurch Women's is for ambulances only, including the neonatal ambulance and the St John shuttle.

How do I get to th​​e Hospital?

Mobility parking for patients is provided at the front of the site for use by mobility card holders only. Overall on site there is more mobility parking spaces than there were before.

There will also be more wheelchairs available for people to use.

​​Get a friend or family member to drop you off and pick you up in the drop off area in front of the main reception.

Park at the Deans Ave car park and catch the free shuttle.

See the Parking Page for more details on each o​f the above options​

How will elderly/infirm patients access the main entrance?

It will be best for them to be dropped off by car at the main entrance. On site, assistance will be provided by our orderlies and volunteers for anyone who needs it.

There will also be more wheelchairs available for people to use.

Will the building contractors be able to park on site?

No. Contractors are being asked not to park their personal vehicles on or near the site, but of course they will need to bring equipment on site (in vans, etc). During the main construction it's estimated that around 500 or more contractors will be on site. 

What happened to the blue car parking building? 

The blue car parking building on the corner of Antigua and Tuam Streets was too damaged to be able to be used safely so it has been demolished. This car parking was run by the Christchurch City Council.


How does the hospital shuttle work?

  • Canterbury DHB's hospital shuttle now runs from the Christchurch City Council's car parking building at 33 Lichfield Street.

  • The car parking building operates 24/7. The shuttle runs from 7.15 am to 8.30 pm, 7 days a week.

  • The shuttle drops off and picks up people from a special waiting area on Level 2A.

  • Shuttle users drive in, take a ticket, park in any available space, and take the lift or stairs to Level 2. They should pay for parking on their return, before driving out.

  • The shuttle run takes around 8-10 minutes, depending on traffic.

What is the Lichfield Street car park like?

The car park has space for 806 cars including electric vehicle charging stations. The car park has toilets on the ground floor. It is well lit and under cover and there are lifts to all floors.

How close to the hospital is the new car park?

It is about 800 m or three city blocks away. It takes 10 minutes to walk from the car park to the hospital – and some people may choose to do this. The CCC has established a walking route to the hospital, marked by yellow posts.

How much does it cost to park?

Parking costs are set by the Christchurch City Council.

As of 2 July 2018, car parking is free for the first hour, then $2.80 per hour or part thereof up to a maximum of $10 daily (6 am to 6 pm daily) or there is an overnight rate (from 6.00 pm) of $2.50 per hour or part thereof up to a maximum of $5.

Parking rates can be found at​

Will wheelchair patients be able to use the park and ride buses?

The shuttles are not suitable for people with wheelchair mobility. If people think they will have trouble getting into or out of a shuttle, they will be asked to please get a support person to drop them off at the main entrance, where a volunteer or orderly will help.

Will car seats for children be provided?

The shuttles do not provide car seats. Parents are responsible for providing a suitable car seat for their children and making sure that their children are properly belted in. A secure area will be provided for parents to store their car seat once they get to hospital.

Several other shuttles drop off at the hospital. Will they drop off and pick up in the same way?

North and South Canterbury Health Shuttles, and the Cancer Society Shuttle also use the front entrance of the hospital for drop off and pick up.

As of 2 July 2018, two private operators are also running shuttle buses between Deans Ave and the hospital. Please ensure that you get on the right shuttle bus to return to your car. Our Lichfield St shuttles are clearly marked.

​Where will I be able to park my bicycle?

Bike parking is available around the site.

Bike parking at the front of the hospital will be covered by a security camera.

Where will I be able to park my motorbike?

The area currently used for motorbike parking in front of the ambulance bays will still be available. There is also space near to Hagley Outpatients.

Motorbikes and bicycles are left on site at their owner's risk.


The Riverside exit on the Lower Ground Floor is now a fire exit only

This is for public and staff safety and for infection control reasons. The road at the rear of the site will be used for deliveries and for construction traffic only. There will be no pedestrian or car access over the Rolleston Bridge during construction. Patients and staff will have to enter and exit via the front main entrance.

If there's a fire, where do we go?

The Riverside door is now on a "fire drop", which means it opens automatically in the event of a fire and will be a fire exit.

Most of the existing fire assembly points for the hospital remain the same. 

The fire services team has produced new maps of assembly points to distribute for wards and staff areas.

How do people get into the park?

There is pedestrian access into the park along the river, across one side of the Rolleston bridge. Please follow the signs.

Where can people drop off hospital equipment?

They are able to drop off at the main entrance to the hospital (many people already do this). The orderlies will then make sure the equipment gets brought back to the right department.


Where will taxis wait?

Taxis are allowed on site but only to drop off and pick up.

​Use the taxi call phones in the main reception area.

Can buses be diverted to come onto the site?

No. Buses would not be able to get under the building canopies on site.


When is Hagley Outpatients moving?

Hagley Outpatients was designed as a temporary and reusable structure. Some of it may eventually be reused at the Rangiora Health Hub. We do not have a date yet for moving of this building.  

Page last reviewed: 02 July 2018