Facilities Development Project

Update on CDHB development projects

As of September 2018:

Acute Services building

The Terrace on Level 3 is starting to take shape. The area between the East and West towers is there to provide an outdoor space where patients, their families and staff can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine away from the ward environment. It's a north-facing area with views through the trees to the park.

The balustrade went in last week, and the next stage is to put in a nearly 2m high glass screen over the following weeks. The floor pavers are due to arrive mid-October.

fast facts - L3 - view from outside on the Terrace looking out to Hagley Park 1 sml.jpg

The photo above shows The Terrace area on Level 3 between the two towers.

Christchurch Outpatients

With the inside of the building virtually complete, the finishing touches are now going on around the exterior of the building, including all the landscaping and installation of some sculptures. One of which is the Thistle sculpture erected for the 150th anniversary of the Presbyterian Church in Canterbury. It's back on the site, albeit on a different corner. Our new Outpatients building is located where St Andrews Church, the first Presbyterian Church in the city, was built in 1857. The church was moved onto the grounds of the Rangi Ruru School in 1984.

fast facts - thistle in place 1 sml.jpg

Walking in the Hospital Corner area - please be safe out there!

With the Christchurch Outpatients, Manawa, Fletchers Earthquake repairs and the Medcar site under construction, the area around Hospital Corner is VERY busy, and increasingly with heavy trucks.

Please take care and follow the appropriate safety and road signs.

There is a container walkway running up Antigua St to the Oxford Tce crossing for pedestrians and a dedicated cycle lane for cyclists travelling up Antigua St to the Boatshed bridge.

See the Christchurch Outpatients page for more details.

Please bear with us!

There is still at least 12 months of construction work which will mean changes and disruption on CDHB sites. It will be worth it however, because by mid-2019 Cantabrians will be enjoying state-of-the-art amenities in our new Acute Services building at Christchurch Hospital and the Christchurch Outpatients facility.

If you have any queries email itsallhappening@cdhb.health.nz and one of the project team will get back to you.



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