Key Initiatives

​​​​We believe that high quality should apply to people's experience of their health journey as well as to the clinical care and treatments they receive. Several key initiatives currently underway in Canterbury will help us improve the consumer's experience and journey through our health system.​

Less time spent waiting

HealthPathways​ ​​​contains information for health professionals, developed by clinical experts from across the Canterbury Health system. This information is collated into patient journey pathways and referral guidelines, all of which can be accessed by health professionals from their computers.

Better information for patients and their family/whanau

HealthInfo is a new sister site to HealthPathways developed especially for patients and their family/whanau. It covers clinical conditions from a patient's perspective. The information empowers people to find out more about their condition and to understand how the Canterbury Health System works.
The site provides Canterbury-specific information about health, conditions, tests, medicines, treatments and referral options, see

Improving the maternity journey

Together with mothers and health professionals, we've looked at how we can improve the maternity journey and have identified several opportunities that are currently being implemented or being developed.

  • Supporting the New Zealand College of Midwives to establish a system to help women find a midwife/lead maternity carer (LMC) through a website – The site will also serve as an information tool for consumers and health providers.

  • Review referral pathways so conditions can be managed by the woman's general practice team and they can receive care closer to home, without needing to visit hospital.

  • A dedicated primary birthing facility is being considered following consultation with mothers and LMCs.

  • Pregnancy and parenting courses are undergoing review and improvement  so we can better meet the needs of our population and encourage higher participation, particularly among Māori women.

Patient advisory group for adults with cystic fibrosis

The Adult Cystic Fibrosis Service has set up a patient advisory group for adults with cystic fibrosis attending the Christchurch clinic. It is also working on improving communication with its patients through a twice yearly newsletter.

Management plans for frequent attendees to emergency departments

Personalised shared care management plans are now being developed for people who frequently attend the Emergency Department (ED). The plans are developed with the patient and in collaboration with community health care providers and are specific to individuals.

These plans are not conditioned based but contain agreed management plans so that all health care providers involved in a person's care, including St John Ambulance​ and 24 Hour Surgery​​ can work together to better support them to stay well.

St John Ambulance health shuttles

The St John Ambulance Service is now running two new health shuttle services for patients, one form Ashburton and one that covers North Canterbury (Amberley, Rangiora, Woodend, and Kaiapoi) for patients needing to come to Christchurch for medical-related appointments.

Text alerts for patients

Patients are being reminded of  health care appointments by a text alert sent to their mobile phones. Departments across the Health Board are reporting a drop in missed appointments thanks to the timely reminders.​​

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Page last reviewed: 11 February 2015