Have a healthy home

Having a warm and dry home is vital for good health.

Cold houses can result in increased deaths from cardiovascular and respiratory disease amongst the elderly, increased respiratory problems in children, increased illnesses such as colds, influenza and mental health problems.

Here are some tips to help you keep your home as warm and dry as possible:

  • Get rid of dampness: Air your home on warm, sunny days, or when there's some wind. Dry wet clothes outside in the sun rather than inside your home.

  • Stop heat escaping: Try to seal gaps around window and door frames to prevent draughts. Use lined curtains and door snakes to help retain the heat.

  • Get good winter curtains: The Curtain Bank assists all low income households who live in a cold and/or damp house and have no or insufficient curtains to shut out colds and draughts.

  • Spread your power bill: You may be able to evenly spread your power bill payments across the year so that there are no surprises. Talk to your power company about how to do this.

  • Check your insulation and upgrade if needed: Insulation holds in household heat during winter and can lead to lower power bills.

For more information visit the Community Energy Action website or phone them on 0800 438-9276.   ‚Äč

Warm up New Zealand: Heat Smart
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Page last reviewed: 11 September 2015