Infection Prevention & Control Policies and Procedures

​​​This page contains the Infection Prevention and Control policies, procedures and guidelines used by CDHB staff. CDHB policies are controlled documents maintained by authorised CDHB staff only. 

Additional infection prevention & control information and resources are available via the Infection Prevention & Control policies and procedures. (Note: This link is to internal DHB documents and can only be accessed by staff logged into the CDHB computer network).


Infection Prevention & Control Policies 

Infection Prevention and Control Service   ​Jul19
Standard Precautions
​​Transmission Based Precautions (Isolation)
Multidrug Resistant Organisms Control
Staff Health

Hand Hygiene Policy

Built Environment (Infection Prevention) Policy 

​Infection Prevention & Control Guidelines & Procedures

A-Z of Diseases – IPC Precautions and PPE Requirements




Page last reviewed: 13 March 2023