The Venepuncture course information is in the process of being updated and shifted to healthLearn.   This is expected to go live on healthlearn by 23 May 2016.  Please login to healthlearn after this date and you will be able to complete the process for registration.
2016 Dates
​26 February​0900-1200
​1 April0900-1200
​29 April​0900-1200
​27 May​0900/1200
​17 June​0900-1200
​22 July​0900-1200
​26 August​0900-1200
​30 September​0900-1200
​28 October​0900-1200
​2 December​0900-1200

​Clinical Skills Unit
5th Floor
Christchurch Hospital 


All enquiries to
Phone 364-1673 or int. 81673

Target AudienceRegistered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Midwives and Medical staff



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